East Cornwall Pony Club

List of Contacts

Main Committee Members and advisors: Peter Sobey, Tony Jope, Lynn Bennallick,  Sue Congdon, Julia Bassett, Kathryn Treleaven, Julie Swain, Marcia Voyzey, Lucy Thomas, Tracey Baker, Amanda Frost, Ami Reid, Sarah Martin, Fiona Stephens, Caroline Wills, Claire Mollet, Julie Swain, Sonia Benallick, Margaret Best, Michelle Phillips, Debbie Glover

Prince Philip Co-Ordinator

Marcia Voyzey

07929 230680

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Senior Camp Co-Ordinator & Debits/Credits

Julia Bassett

07875 481635

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Sonia Benallick

07753 224998

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PC Clothing, Rosettes & Combined Training

Lucy Thomas

07966 024403

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Tony Jope

District Commissioner

Sarah Martin

07886 587793

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Secretary (All enquiries)

Claire Mollet

07929 208309

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Membership Secretary (joining and renewals only) - see Membership info page,Tests & Road Safety

Amanda Frost

07841 353776

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Sue Congdon

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Chief Instructor

Caroline Wills

Team Showjumping

Tracey Baker

07977 430991

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Junior Rally Coordinator (including Booking Queries) & Presentation Evening

Julie Swain

07847 896165

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Intermediate and Senior Rally Coordinator (including Booking Queries) & Grass Roots Coordinator

Michelle Phillips

07872 479958

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Junior Camp Organiser

Julie Swain

07847 896165

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Tetrathlon & Shooting Practice

Kathryn Treleaven

07525 732126

01579 363557

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