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Dressage Results

Intermediate test:

 1st Izzy Thomas - Sammy - 72.8%

2nd Izzy Thomas - Simba - 72.2%

 Novice Test:

  1st Fleur Jackson - Ronnie - 72.5%

  2nd - Anabella - Sage - 67.75

 3RD -  Faith Davey - Cleopatra - 66.4%

   Walk and Trot test

 1st Emma Davey - Bailey - 71.5%

1st = Millie Woodman - Crackle - 71.5%

3 - Josie Jackson - 71.2%

4th Kensa Cameron - 69.6%

5th Josie Jackson - Cookie - 67.7%                    

6th - Alex - Midnight - 67.3%

   Grassroots Test

 1st Fleur Jackson - -Ronnie - 71.2%

2nd Millie Woodman - Crackle - 69.6%

3rd Faith Davey - Prince 68.8%

4th Annabella - Caitlin - 67.6%

5th Emma Davey - Bailey 67.4%

6th. Daisy Swain - Alba - 66.7%

 Special rosettes - for a combination of being well turned out and riding very well (sometimes with a digger to contend with!) - go to Alex on Midnight (lovely new combination) - Emma Davey and Bailey (with the digger!) - and Daisy - lovely quiet riding on pony who was a little tense that day.

Very well done to all riders, and thank you for entering.  Notice what high marks you got.  The standard was very high - of riding and turn out.  With dressage it is always best to try to get a better percentage next time, so you can see how your horse improves, rather than judge yourself against the other riders in the class!

Rosettes will be awarded at the junior party on Saturday and the Christmas show jumping,




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Classes 5-8 OPEN TO ALL


Super Pony 2020

Super Pony 2020

A fun morning was had by the all. A slightly changed format this year to allow for Covid restrictions but this meant that it was a morning event rather than the traditional all day.  Feedback is that this is preferable!  Our Super Pony's for 2020 were :-

Class 1 (assisted) - Jaz Wickham & Fudge

Class 2 - Beth Rundle & Tic Tac

Class 3 - Rosie Busby & Toby 

ECHPC Newsletter August 2020

ECHPC Newsletter August 2020 -

A round up of events in August and what we've got to look forward to in September ......


Newsletter July 2020

ECHPC Newsletter July 2020

What's been happening and what's coming up .......



Please see attachments for information relating to COVID-19 compliance.  Please ensure you have read this prior to attending a training session.


Loo Roll Challenge

We have decided to do the Loo Roll Challenge - see emails for full details......

Eggesford Triathlon




Camp 2019

Camp 2019

Wonderful memories from a fabulous Camp 2019!

Dressage Times




2ND JUNE 2019



Dressage entries to Amanda Frost amanda@liskeardleisure.co.uk

Team SJ entries to Marcia Voyzey marciavoyzey@gmail.com

Individual SJ - just turn up!!!

Clear round from 9AM.



It's that time again! Please download a form here and send it to: Amanda Frost, 3 Carkeel Barns, Saltash, PL12 6PR. Please pay via the events page.



Thank you to everyone who came and supported our Hunter Trial on Sunday.  We had an amazing number of entries in all classes.  The weather was perfect, the ground was perfect and I hope everyone had a good time.  

A HUGE thank you to everyone who judged, ran, scored or marshalled for us.  It takes many lovely people to put on such a large event and we are extremely grateful to each and everyone.  


1stKathryn Coleman

2ndSarah Penney

3rdSarah Penney

4thTara-Nell Nolan

5thPhoebe Frost

6thNatalie Moore





Final times


Sarah Penney



Steph Bennison



Lucy Stevens



Freya Donaghy



Charlotte Scobble



Phoebe Frost



John Robinson



Keira Martin



Issie Thomas



Pat Hatch



Zoe Miles



Natalie Moore



Jessica Sweet



Charlotte Tucker



Sue Minchinton



Tara-Nell Nolan



Nina Ball



Kelly Kitchen



Lucy Stevens



Grace Ellis



Sarah Penney



Michaela Stevens



Anwen Wall



Lilly Newland



Caroline Robinson



Macy Simpson



Erin Young



Tegan Greenaway



Kathryn Coleman



Beth Stephens






1st Emily Bailey (52)

2nd Danielle Smith (121)

3rd Florence Wickham (115)

4th Rider 100

5th Natalie Moore (59)

Class 3 

1stRachel & Tegen (48 & 49)

2ndPat & Pippa (44 & 45)

3rdMichaela & Elaine (103 & 133)

4thTegan & Lizzy (124 & 125)

5thAbi & Evie (42 & 43)

6thFlorence & Phoebe (41 & 115)

Class 2

1stBelinda Waldock

2ndElaine Clark

3rdRosie Busby

4thRowenna Wainwright 

5thCatherine Bellew

6thMolly Sutton

Class 1

1stCynthia & Lauree (1 & 2)

2ndMillie & Rosie (11 & 12)

3rdCora & Bryony (131 & 132)

4thDaisy & Julie (7&8)

5thKeith & Margaret (107 & 108)

6thTash & Emily (3 & 4)

South Devon West Tetrathlon


She did it again. PHOEBE FROST⭐️⭐️🏃🏻🏊‍♀️🏇🏿🏅

1st Triatlon

1st Tetrathlon 

Phoebe had a great shoot only her second go competitively  10 metres and she is back up in the 900, 

Phoebe"s run was amazing 

Swim fantastic nearly a PB 

After a very wet day, she turned out a second day to ride the xc, and in her usual style had a clear. Gaining 1st. 

Well done Phoebe. 


Not a brilliant shoot today, 

Run well ! She shocked us all, having a really good run , not usually Kensa's favourite. 

Kensa also had a good swim. And finished just outside a placing. 

Well done Kensa. 


He was amazing. 

Monty had an excellent bean bag throw scoring an amazing 860.

His run was phenomenal in a very fast time 2.10

And he swam very, very well 3.8 lengths 

Gaining a well deserved 2nd

Very well done Monty. 

These three did amazing in awful conditions.  I can say we were all well and truly drenched. 

South Devon and Moorlnd Triathlon

Two east Cornwall members competed in this Triathlon 

Phoebe Frost who had a brilliant day now as Phoebe has surpassed herself in the Juniors and has competed in the champs she has bravely decided to go up to the seniors a little early, which in Tetrathlon is a big step. She only did the Tri this time, but had a very good shoot, now at 10 meters,  she had 2nd best run and swam an amazingly as usual,  Well done Phoebe, 

Also competed was one of our younger competitors who is very keen Monty Wickham he had another amazing day , He had a brilliant bean bag throw scoring 840, he ran like a rocket getting 3rd in his run, and finally managed over 3  lengths in the pool, Monty came 3rd in a huge class, A big well done to Monty.  

Monty is also learning to shoot with a pistol now in preparation to move up a class, this is going very well and leaves me in no doubt Monty will score good results in his shooting. 

If any members have siblings that would be interested in taking part in our Triatlons/Tetrathlons they can do so even if they are not actual members, they just pay their entry fees, For anyone interested please contact  Sonia Bennallic: 07753224998. Come and have some fun, very friendly and supportive sport, and training given. 

ECHPC Duchy Camp 2018

This year’s camp held at Duchy College was a truly fantastic experience for all. From the moment we started we saw happy children really eager to learn new skills and build relationships with their ponies and each other. We were exceptionally fortunate to have fantastic instructors who took the reins and got the children going. Julie Cameron did a lot of fun sessions from jumping to dressage (on and off ponies) to tack cleaning and quizzes testing our knowledge on everything equine! Gail took her group again offering a variety of different mounted and unmounted sessions from gridwork, jumping through to filler jumping and all round rider balance and skill techniques. Tamsin took the third group and she had them pushing boundaries jumping courses (and going into corners properly), synchronised riding gridwork amongst many other things.

Firstly a big thank you to our super vet Dr. Kieran O’Brien who came and spoke to us all about Managing your ponies in the hot weather‘. It was highly informative and some top tips such as a zebra fly rug is good for keeping flies off as they get confused! Also the importance of washing them down when they are hot and scrap them off and then re wash. All the children will remember these informative tips to help aid their ponies in this hot weather.

Amongst the normal camp activities we tried a few new things this year which worked really well. Firstly we had our fab DC Sarah Martin come along and do some Prince Philip skills activities with all the children and they loved it. Sarah mentioned how impressed she was with the juniors and can see our future PPC team becoming really solid. Prince Philip really cements your riding skills it brings in a wider variety of skills from balance, control to wider thinking skills problem solving but all sealed with the fact it is so much fun and the adrenalin runs through you. All the bigger ones commented on how much fun they have had doing prince Philip and how it has built their riding skills – so look out I think our juniors will be taking this on for next year!

We also had a lovely lady come and do some yoga, relaxation pilates well lot of stretching and getting your body ready and fit. She taught us a routine, the eagle, the tree and how to warm up and warm down correctly. These skills are again fundamental to keep us all stretched and warmed up and ready to ride – our resident physio Lucy Thomas would be very proud.

We then had a fab hair braiding session and we all then showed off our colourful hair pieces. A big thank you to Ava’s Mum Janine for coming along and donating the hair braids and spending hours putting them in. Everyone loved them and even some of us bigger ones are sporting the colourful hair pieces!

Friday morning saw an introduction into triathlons and tets by Sonia and Kensa Bennalick who gave the children a taster of what’s involved. We saw the children running around ISA practising the running which was fun. There were lots of questions for Sonia and lots of interested juniors so we hope to see that growing this year.

We also had a new angle this year with more seniors helping out and I can only report they were amazing. They worked tirelessly and never complained we were full on all through the day and they led the evening games. At the outset I said to them how much we value and trust them all and they all honoured their responsibilities and shone through – they now have many younger members who will hang off them at every opportunity. We are exceptionally fortunate to have such experienced and kind members willing to give up their time to give back – which is what pony club is all about. You have inspired the juniors to become good little all-round riders and horse lovers – thank you so much.

What we all witnessed at all times was working together as a team. The children wholeheartedly supported each other and worked together to learn and develop their riding skills. There were some small frustrating moments with sat nav errors and thigs not always going to plan but they just all supported each other through it until it all came together.

Parents I am sure you will agree after watching their final day shows that each one has developed and enhanced their riding and overall equine skills. All of the children thought and cared of their pony before anything else which was a pleasure to observe. The care and attention given to their ponies was second to none and we were all very impressed with their stable management skills and willingness to learn.

This report could span pages as there was so much to gain but I know your children would have fed this back to you. To conclude we should all be very proud to be part of such a dynamic and forward thinking club who offer so many opportunities to all members along with our children and ponies who were impeccably behaved throughout. We are all very lucky. Below are a few camp reports written by Faith Davey and Daisy Swain as I think it is imperative to hear through the voices of the children too:

Camp this year was fantastic. I enjoyed every moment of it, I particularly enjoyed doing all of the different activities in-between riding and being with the horses. This year I think we had more to do so that was great because we were always busy, I liked the way we had so many helpers because you knew you would not get behind doing your stable or whatever you were doing. I think we all had a fantastic time in the evenings doing all the games that the older girls had organised for us. Our riding groups were amazing and everyone was so supportive of each other . I really enjoyed the food and I loved the way we could have as much as we liked !.

- Faith & Prince


This year was amazing at camp we all had so much fun, my high light  off camp was when Ava picked up my saddle after me cleaning it to Tilly to inspect it  and said “it was very good “ . My second high light was jumping the grid with no hands at the end of the grid was an 80 oxer me and Faith jumped it with no hands , our instructors were Tamsin she had group 1  ,Gail she had group 2 and Julie she had group 3  they made fun ways of riding  and the helpers made fun ways off playing games like duck duck goose  , they were called  Isabell  , Tilly ,Flo, Beth, Megan , Milly  Sydney  they made up all of the games for at night. On the last night we had a water fight using the game drip drip drop. The ponies were amazing, and we all bonded together really well.  I would like  to say thank you to the instructors for teaching us lots of things this year , the helpers for helping us tack up when needed  , inspecting are tack after cleaning  , helping us learn how to  plait and last but not least being there for us when we needed you  thank you to Clare molit for cooking us wonderful dinner and breakfast , Maggie wood for helping Clare do the cooking,  sleeping with us and pouring us drinks  , thank you Kieran the vet for doing the talk about how to keep your pony safe in the heat   thank you Debbie Avas nan for organising all the bed rooms, yoga and hair braiding with Avas Mum, thank you Helen for doing all the safe guarding, Sarah Martin for the prince Philip and Sonia for the triathlon talks.  Thank so much  Duchy college for letting us use the stables and the rooms  thank you so so much Julie Swain letting us have  fabulous camp and organising it all. Thank you all so much and we all appreciate everything have done  for us and can I say a huge thank you to all off the children for trying there hardest.  

By Daisy Swain & Midnight Blue

Congratulations to this years prize winners:

Best Stable Management: Cody Smith

Most Improved: Martha Hooper:

Best Pony: Fudge, Leila Cunningham & Midnight Blue, Daisy Swain

Mount Kelly Triathlon

Three east Cornwall members competed in the excruciating heat, one in each section and  how well they did the results s are as follows:

Demelza Morris competed in the seniors with an excellent swim, good shoot and a really good run to finish in Fourth, 

Phoebe Frost competed in the Juniors and excelled again, with an excellent shoot fantastic run and swim gaining best in both and finishing first .

Now then our little Monty Wickham doing it for the beanies. Threw well, had an excellent run and best swim, to only finish in first place. Well done Monty. Your on the team! 


A great days eventing was had today at St Leonards, for the Area 16 ODE qualifier, by kind permission of Andy and Kathryn Reeve. The club put up 2 full 90 teams, although it was touch and go for Abi Baker, having been ill for the proceeding 2 days! Team A was made up of Abi and Evie Baker, Phoebe Frost and Issy Thomas. Team B was represented by Macy Philips, Demelza Morris, Flo Wickham and Tegenn Greenaway. As individuals representing the club in the 80cm we had Tamsyn Morris and Millie Frost. Very high temperatures made for very difficult riding conditions but thankfully organisers allowed for jackets to be removed for dressage and SJ phases. Dressage arenas were set up on the adjacent Launceston rugby club grounds, in addition to the menage at St Leonards. The cross country course was creative and fences were well build and positioned to pose a few questions... Jumping phases in particular were influential but determined riding was shown by all.. Notable successes were Phoebe Frost- Individual 1st and qualified for the championships at end of August. Issy Thomas Individual 5th. Team A pipped to 2nd team place by 0.3 points! Narrowly missing qualification. Massive thanks to Julia Basset, Julie and Daisy Swain for giving up their day to fence judge- with out people like you these events couldn't happen. A very enjoyable day, with great sportsmanship showing what a fantastic sport eventing is... Well done all! 


Dressage & Arena Eventing times - 3rd June


Presentation Evening 2017

Another fun packed evening full of celebrations, successes, catching up and dancing! It was lovely to see so many members and families - we welcomed many new faces which was lovely to see. 

A huge thank you to our outgoing secretary Tracy Baker who has worked tirelessly to ensure a full programme of rallies and events have been available across many different disciplines. A big welcome to our incoming secretary Claire Mollett who as you will all know is a dynamic powerhouse -we are in very capable hands. Claire introduced proceedings with a newsletter containing key dates and events - make sure to book them in your diaries. As she mentioned she has responded to feedback at the AGM so you will see an enhanced range of social, stable management and wider activities.

Our DC then successfully announced the winners and awarded the trophies / cups to our 2017 winners followed by a talk from two members talking about their experiences of tetathlons. Well done both - you demonstrated such enthusiasm, inspiring all members to get involved in tets. It is very daunting to undertake public speaking to such a vast audiencebut you were fantastic receiving many wonderful comments on your speeches - you are both key role models for younger members.  As always we are very fortunate to have the lovely Kaggs Baker create us a club montage.  It really demonstrated the bredth of activities and events the ECHPC engages with over the year - along with thrills and spills!  The venue provided a range of food - which went down very well, leaving time for lots of dancing and catching up.

We have a fun packed 2018 - the club looks forward to welcoming all it's members to it's vast array of events.

2017 Winners

Lead Rein and First Ridden - Amalie Rundle

Sam and Sasha Cup Best Character Pony -  Ava O'Brien & Maisy

The Juno Cup Best 14.2 and Under - Annabella Smith & Sage

Best 14.3 and Over - Beth Stephens & Jack

Sweep Perpetual Trophy Most Improved - Scarlett Gould

Most Improved Under 11 - Daisy Swain

Claire Deithrick Dressage Award Most improved Under 14 - Ella Glennon

Area Dressage Cup - Abi Baker

Springtime Winnie the Pooh Cup Novice Area HT - Sydney Bond

Mayfly Plate Consistency During the Year - Evie Baker

Senior Prince Phillip - Tamsyn Morris

Junior Prince Philip - Rosie Busby

Graham Higgins Cup Tack & Turnout - Erin Voyzey

Kellagher Cup Tet. Achievement - Charlotte Hicks, Demelza Morris & Phoebe Frost

Dinnis Trophy Tet Junior Girls - Charlotte Hicks

Hickory Cup Tet Most Improved - Tamsyn Morris

Dazzle Memorial Cup Tri Most Improved - Hollie Jenkins

Shakerly Cup Area Show Jumping - Tilly Bassett & Jeeta

Overall Branch Achievement Cup - Abi Baker

Tet Most Improved Swim - Kensa Benalliclk

Tet Most Improved Run - Kensa Benallick

Tet Most Improved Shoot - Phoebe Frost

Best Veteran - Lottie & Annelie Jamma Ben M'Hand

ECHPC Secretary Award Most Helpful and Enthusiastic - Ollie Bassett

Woollcombe Yonge Consistent Team Player - Isobel Thomas

Eggesford Triathlon

Three East Cornwall members trekked off in the cold to compete in the Eggesford Triathlon. 

Charlotte Hicks had an amazing day she had an awesome swim two strokes short of ten lengths, she looked like a machine on the run. And finished well ahead to take first place with best shoot, best run and best swim,to qualify for the championships.

Phoebe Frost came out on her Birthday - Happy birthday . To also have an awesome run improving all the time and a brilliant swim and also finishing in 1st place and receiving her qualification. 

Kensa Bennallick improving all the time, she had an awesome swim and it was her PB, 

All three girls had an amazing day- well done to all three. Especially Charlotte and Phoebe who will go on to represent East Cornwall at the Triathlon Championships. 

Pontispool Camp 2018

Dates for Pontispool Camp 2018 are 20th- 23rd August 

Dates for Duchy Junior Camp 2018 are 1st - 3rd August


Show Jumping plus Grass Roots 24th June 18 @ Gwealavellen, Cambourne

ODE plus Grass Roots 8th July 18 @ St Leonards, Launceston

Dressage plus Grass Roots 15th July @ St Leonards, Launceston



CHRISTMAS SHOWJUMPING - 27 DECEMBER - it was a rather wet day but we still had a lot of fun with a number of members really achieving and a lot of smiles. Results were
Class 1 - 1st Lizzie Witton, 2nd Ella Glennon, 3rd Tiggy Lou Witton, 4th Ava O'Brien, 5th Amelia Rundle, 6th Bethany Rundle 
Class 2 Pairs - 1st pairs Ava O'Brien and Ella Glennon and 2nd the Witton sisters
Class 3 - 1st Rosie Busby, 2nd Faith Davey, 3rd Ella Glennon, 4th Tamsyn Morris, 5th Charlotte Gingle, 6th Holly Jenkins 
Class 4 - Pairs - 1st Tegan Greenaway and Kensa bennallick, 2nd Rosie Busby and Erin Voyzey, 3rd Sydney Bond and Faith Davey 
Class 5 - 1st Tilly Basset, 2nd Rosie Busby, 3rd Bethany Stephens, 4th Florence Scard-Morgan, 5th Holly Jenkins, 6th Annanlie M'Hand
Class 6 Pairs - 1st Kathryn Baker and Tegan Greenaway, 2nd Abi and Evie Baker, 3rd Rosie Busby and Erin Voyzey, 4th Mia and Kaitlin, 5th Florence Scard-Morgan and Annabella Smith, 6th Bethany Stephens and Annelie M'Hand
Class 7 - 1st Kaitlin, 2nd Erin Young, 3rd Florence Scard-Morgan, 4th Kathryn Baker, 5th Evie Baker and 6th Beth Pyzer
Class 8 - 1st Kaitin, 2nd Abi Baker, 3rd Kathryn Baker 

It was a really lovely friendly day, thank you to all those who came and supported the club. If anyone has any photos please add them!

Membership renewal

The time for renewals has crept up again! Please print the form and send it to: Amanda Frost, 3 Carkeel Barns, Saltash, Pl12 6PR. Payment can be made on the events page. Please can all members renew by Jan 31st.


November 2017 Newsletter

Latest newsletter with information about forthcoming events and rallies 



Our annual fun Showjumping competition day.  See schedule entries on the day. 


Pontispool Camp 2017 - (Eventually....)

Another amazing camp was held at Pontispool in 2017 with 31 members attending, with lots of new faces, which was great to see.  As always, quality instruction was provided by Caroline Wills, Sarah Martin and Tamsyn Hutchins.  A range of flatwork, SJ and XC were all on offer along with sometime training, which went down really well!

There was more structure to this camp, which we believe helped the children to settle and work to a schedule as they knew what was expected of them throughout the day.  Prizes were awarded for best bed, best cabin, best stable and best yard which encouraged all the children to work as a team, but also allowed them to shine individually (amazing what they will do for a packet of sweets!)

Evening entertainment was simple but fun with Team Pontispool Olympics on the first night, which was made up of various relay games including Hobby Horse Show Jumping, Space Hopper/Marshmallow, Water Soaked Sponge and Welly Wanging – lost of laughter, followed by good old-fashioned Limbo, high jump etc on night 2.  Not only were prizes of sweets on offer, but also sashes, which encouraged participation and extra effort from all.

Once again, the venue was amazing and the weather stunning.  Special thanks to our instructors (Sarah, Caroline and Tamsyn) and of course our parent helpers who help to make it all possible (Tracey, Julia, Cathy and Sarah).  Special thanks also go to Nicole Harding who was drafted in at the last minute.  She was first on the yard to oversee the children and was more than happy to join in with the activities.  Let’s hope that 2018 can be as successful!


Pontispool Olympics  1st  Yeo-Vil

  2nd  Grey Block

  3rd  Long Legs and Mish Mash

Welly Wanging  1st   Sydney Bond

High Jump  1st  Tilly Bassett (1.20m)

Limbo  1st  Evie Baker

Most Improved  Annabella Smith

Most Helpful  Tamsyn Morris

Best Yard Overall  Grey Block

Best Pony  Brownie (Scarlett Gould)

Best Tack  Isobel Thomas

Best Individual Stable  Tilly Bassett

COMBINED TRAINING 25/10/17 - Duchy College

This event, which was the second Combined Training of the year for ECHPC, was well supported by club members and also several non-ECHPC entries as well. The weather was perfect, and competition standard was high. Ponies were very well turned out, and riders were very smart too.

We had a new dressage judge this time, Ellie Samwell, who was very encouraging with her comments giving very constructive pointers on how marks could be improved, and she also remarked upon how well children had prepared for the dressage phase. As in previous events competitors were given the opportunity to jump a second ‘training’ round at the same or a higher height, this was taken advantage of by all and served to make the day a good training experience for horses and riders. Show jumping judges being Sarah Martin and Margaret Best.

Results for ECHPC and Non-members were as follows:

Class 1 (Jumping 40cm)

ECHPC- 1st Georgia Hooper (Best Dressage), 2nd Ella Glennon, 3rd Ava O’Brien, 4th Alfred Forer and 5th Martha Hooper.

Non- 1st Tracey Coupland (Best Dressage) and 2nd Olivia Crichton.

Class 2 (Jumping 60cm)

ECHPC- 1st Ella Glennon (Best Dressage)

Non- 1st Emily Knight (Best Dressage), 2nd Lucy Burgess, 3rd Finn Baker and 4th Chloe Olver.

Class 3 (Jumping 70cm)

ECHPC- 1st Rosie Busby (Best Dressage), 2nd Daisy Swain, 3rd Florence Scard-Morgan, 4th Erin Voysey, 5th Annabelle Smith and 6th Bethany Whitton.

Non- 1st Finn Baker (Best Dressage)

Class 4 (Jumping 75cm)

ECHPC- 1st Sydney Bond (Best Dressage), 2nd Isobel Thomas, 3rd Tiggy Paton and 4th Tilly Bassett.

Non- 1st Gail Hooper (Best Dressage)

Class 5 (Jumping 85cm)

ECHPC- 1st Nicole Harding, 2nd Kathryn Coleman, 3rd Florence Wickham, 4th Isobel Thomas (Best Dressage), 5th Evie Baker and 6th Bethany Whitton.

Non- 1st Jasmine Chanter (Best Dressage) and 2nd Rachel Brockington.

Class 6 (Jumping 95cm)

ECHPC- 1st Amy Flanagan and 2nd Abi Baker (Best Dressage)

Many thanks to the numerous helpers; Sarah Martin, Margaret Best, Tracey Baker, Julia Bassett, Amanda Paton, Marcia Voysey, Julie Swain, Kathy Busby, Tiggy, Tilly and many others who generally helped with the running of the day..

Lucy Thomas

Times for Combined Training - 25 October

Combined training times 



Okehampton Show - Thursday 10th August 2017

East Cornwall Hunt Pony Club managed to pull together a team of four riders - Tilly Bassett, Megan Busby, Beth Stephens and Annelie M’Hand and four ponies - Abbie, Dweeb, Drake and Maisy to take part in the mounted games display at Okehampton Show on 10th August. 

There was much debate on who was going to ride which pony as the girls (with the exception of  Megan) using unfamiliar mounts. The debate was settled very diplomatically with riders swapping ponies throughout the mounted games event. 

Competition was fierce with two teams from Little Margate, South Devon West and Dulverton taking part. Races included polo-bending, mug, stepping stones, tyre and rope and saw plenty of accurate riding and vaulting by all ECHPC girls. The display given by the ECHPC was truly exciting and one of the best so far by ECHPC at this, one of the local shows that the mounted games teams are asked to take part in. 

With only two races to go, ECHPC were in the unbelievable position of being 3 whole points ahead of South Devon West! The girls could not quite believe it and maybe the pressure got to them as in the penultimate race, they were beaten by the SDW, seeing their lead reduced.

There were groans of trepidation when the final race was announced - the dumpy sack race. ECHPC, as many of you will be aware, are not renowned for this event. In fact, previous performances have seen the ECHPC team collapse in a  big heap someway off the finish line when all other competing teams have finished the race. 

But this final race proved to be so thrilling. Megan and Tilly were the riders mounted who were led on foot by Annelie and Beth who sprinted as fast as their legs would carry them to the end of the race field, where riders dismounted and the whole team ran back to waiting dumpy sack at the centre line, climbed in and jumped for home. Thank goodness for the little bit of extra practice and coaching that took place prior to the competition. All four girls were totally focused, determined and brilliant! It was apparent, that the team (and fellow competitors and ECHPC spectators alike) could not quite believe what they had accomplished as they crossed the finish line - first to win the race and the competition. There were huge cheers and big hugs between the girls as they realised their victory! 

The elated ECHPC team received their rosettes from the chair of the show committee and his wife who were thoroughly entertained by all the mounted games teams and even more so by the victory gallop (no hands) up the arena. 

The entertainment did not stop there, more giggles and laughter were had when it was found upon departure that the team transport had become stuck in the mud and required ponies to be unloaded from the lorry and the girls, with the help of Little Margate having to push the lorry out.  

The girls would like to thank Cathy and Sarah for team transport, the lovely owners who loaned their even lovelier ponies and to the show organisers for hosting such a wonderful event. 

Mini / Intermediate Camp 2017 Report – 1-3Aug

Fun, exciting, learned lots, laughter, beautiful, exquisite, working together, new friendships, kind, friendly and the continual ‘tack cleaning’ were just a few of the words the campers associated with their time at camp. Our first camp to be held at Duchy College which served us well as the weather posed a special challenge mid week. We were fortunate to have the luxury of all of the indoor schools, outdoor school and the cross country schooling field. With 4 groups of riders our three instructors Gail, Mandy and Julie set a really fun yet great series of lessons coupled with stable management sessions. We were fortunate to have three senior helpers, Oli, Milly and Abi who I think we have scared for life and non of them now fancy entering the teaching profession!!! These three were absolutely amazing and built such rapports with the children along with providing many stable management session and the camp evening entertainment. I have to say I did catch Abi and Oli having races on the bouncy hoppers, apparently they were just testing them out!!!!

The first day the campers arrived full of enthusiasm accompanied by eager ponies who wanted to get started. Each camper had their own stable and once settled their ponies in set about creating their camp rooms. There were fairy lights, lots of pink things, many many unicorn attire and stuffed toys along with Erin Voyzey who had to win the prize for the most comfortable bed – a memory foam camping bed.

After riding lessons, Oli and Abi set about tack cleaning. There was much debate about Oli being able to put a bridle together but I was assured he can now do so! The lead reins had a variety of schooling session inside and some jumping followed by a hack around the block which saw the navigation of tractors, post vans cars etc and all of the ponies were very well behaved.

Gail’s group did some cross country training and Erin did the best buckaroo you could imagine but got straight back on to enjoy the session. The cross country fences were quite meaty and the girls all took stock and flew over them. Gail’s flatwork and gridwork session were gruelling with no stirrups and the whip held over the saddle but again the children embraced this and all of them saw a better riding position afterwards.

Mandy managed two groups and again did lots of gridwork and jumping with many jumping the Duchy skinny gate which is such an accolade. Mandy commented that each child had set a goal for camp and she worked with them to ensure they had met their goal by the end of camp.

Dinner was cooked and served by the amazing Clare Mollet (I think she should to set up a catering business she is awesome!) with fresh lasagne, pasta and macaroni with fruit ice cream and melted choc for pudding. No complaints at all – one camper said to me ‘This is the best meal I have ever had’.

Evening entertainment saw the Olympic games style activities in the out door school followed by apple bobbing and flour and marshmallows (messy faces). Hobby horse riding, bouncy hoppers and an array of laughing giggling and fun. The infamous hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows preceded a sing song which ended up into a giggle fest!

We did not let the weather dampen us (literally) and carried on with our riding in the schools again with a variety of umping, flatwork sessions to help develop the children’s riding. Clare then served up the ost delicious roast beef and roast chicken with all the trimmings meal! She below us away with the finest beef cooked to perfection. I was worried the helpers were going to race the children to the servery but we ensure that all were happily fed before we let the big ones dive in. The pudding then saw a chocolate waffle and Cathy Busby’s infamous white chocolate cheesecake – which as divine and some were seen having it for breakfast the next day it was so tasty!

The talent show was a real scream the children worked in teams to create anything they liked and they did. The winners were China and Kensa who did the funniest naughty horse on a headcollar impression – it was funny!

Finally we did our little shows for parents on the Thursday, where feedback was really positive. Followed by the yard needing to be pristine and I mean pristine so much so a leaf blower was taken down the middle to remove every last bit of hay!

Overall a big thank you to everyone for coming along, your children were a pleasure and delight. Thank you to all the parent helpers, lunch helpers instructors, camp entertainment, Megan and Tilly who stepped in last minute as Abi had to go of to championships and Milly had a driving lesson.

Finally, a thanks to all the ponies for working hard and behaving well. We really hope you enjoyed the camp roll on next year and one finally apology – your children may have been a little stinky on return but that signifies a good camp!

Milly Bersey has posted a video on the FB ECHPC site please do view it such amazing memories.


                      JUNIOR REGIONAL TETRATHLON By Kathryn Treleaven.

Phoebe Frost, Demelza Morris and Charlotte Hicks competed in this amazing competition at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire this weekend(3rd/4th June). These girls were AMAZING!!

163 girls from 8 regions  included competitors who came from Scotland, Wales and Ireland to compete in this event.

All girls shot well with Phoebe scoring 860, Demelza 760 and Charlotte 960. Later in the day they competed in the swimming event with Phoebe swimming 7.15, Demelza 7.07 and Charlotte 9.18. On Saturday evening a barbeque was held in the camping field with each team providing some entertainment. The theme this year was " Super Heroes " and duly clad in capes and sparkles the south west team claimed second prize! On Sunday it was back to the serious stuff with a very big and hugely technical course that was like nothing the girls had ever seen! Phoebe, Demelza and Charlotte had to work to gain as many points as possible for the team. Phoebe had a super round only collecting a few faults when she crossed her tracks ( very easy to do on this particular course). Demelza also collected a few jumping faults and Charlotte jumped clear but collected some time penalties. They finished the event with the run where Phoebe finished on 6mins 6 seconds, Demelza 6 mins 25 seconds and Charlotte on 6 minutes. They finished the event with Phoebe gaining 4090 points, Demelza 3787 and Charlotte 4496. They were in a team with Lucy Steven from Lamerton and Henrietta Ewell from Cotley and finished an amazing 7th place. Charlotte also gained an individual 7th place.


Inter Area Tetrathlon

                            Inter Area Tetrathlon - by Kathryn Treleaven.

Phoebe Frost, Demelza Morris and Charlotte Hicks competed in this two day event held at Bicton. Phoebe had a super shoot of 920 and Charlotte was awarded best shoot. All girls were fabulous on the up to height XC course with Phoebe and Charlotte going clear inside the time, Demelza had a satnav problem and gained a few penalties in the ride. The team all had super swims and fast run times. East Cornwall team gained a very credible third place with Charlotte having an individual third. These girls were awesome competing against Members from seven different areas and they really pulled out the stops. They are now heading for Moreton Morrel College on 2nd June to compete in the Junior regional Tetrathlon in the South West team, we wish them the best of luck.

Times and running order Sunday 28th May

Dressage Times


Dressage times


SJ Running Order


SDM Triathlon By Kathy Treleaven

                             SDM TRIATHLON  by Kathy Treleaven.

Phoebe Frost and Charlotte Hicks competed in the junior Girls class yesterday(13th May). Phoebe began the day with a super shoot (840) and Charlotte scored (980), they then ran a very long xc race both Phoebe and Charlotte performing well. The swim was held in the outdoor pool at Bovey Tracey and just as the swimming began the heavens opened! Both girls swam amazingly well considering the awful conditions with Phoebe swimming 7.16 and Charlotte 9.10. Both girls finished all 3 phases with a placing, Phoebe 3rd and Charlotte 1st with best shoot, swim and run. The next Tetrathlon is held by North Cornwall on 17th and 18th June with the riding at Lanhydrock.



Please see below the link to open the Schedule for this event taking place on 28th May 2017.

Entries to be received by 24th May 2017 for Team SJ and Dressage. Entries on the day for Individual SJ classes.




Due to circumstances beyond our control - not least being our DC Sarah having sustained a broken collar bone! - we have made the decision to cancel our One Day Event planned for the 28th May at Merrymeet (we are currently exploring the possibility of holding it later in the Summer).

We have decided however to hold a Team and Individual Showjumping event with Dressage on this date at the same venue. This will be an open event with classes at a range of heights to suit all Members and will be a great opportunity for everyone.

The schedule will be put on our website shortly.



We are planning to arrange a trip to HOYS for Members and their families on Saturday 7th October.

Debbie Glover who has recently joined the Committee has been working hard negotiating group booking discounts and investigating travel options and costs - Thank You Debbie and welcome to the Committee!

The plan is to depart at 7.00am ( various pick up points will be arranged ). We will spend the day at the show and leave at around 5.00pm (to arrive home around 8.30 - 9.00pm ).

Dependant upon the number of participants the cost will be in the region of £40 for adults and £35 for children. This is the total cost to include travel, parking and entry to the show (seating band C).

There is something to suit all equine enthusiasts to include showing, show jumping, the pony Foxhunter Championships and a very exciting opportunity to watch the top Pony Club Teams compete in the Prince Philip Cup mounted games (Sarah our DC hopes that our Members will learn the tactics and emulate this in our own ppc teams next year!).

There is also of course, the shopping village providing that all important retail therapy!

To enable us to ascertain whether this is likely to be viable, please express your interest within the next three weeks. If we decide to go ahead with this event we will put it up for booking on the website and payment will be required at the time of booking (HOYS will hold the discounted price for a limited time only).

Please contact me by Email, text , fb or in person and indicate the number of tickets you would be interested in and whether these are for adults or Members.

As soon as we have an indication of the interest we will make a decision as to whether to run this event,

Kind Regards,


Four Burrow Tetrathlon - Saturday 25th Marchc2017

Yesterday, 6 members travelled to Truro to compete on the first day of competition. Holly competed in the mixed mini class and had a super fast run, securing best run and individual 3rd. Isabelle And Millie were in the mini girls class with Isabelle have a good swim and Millie had a great shoot and run gaining an individual 4th place. We had three junior girls. Kensa was feeling unwell but still insisted on competing and supporting her fellow members which is so important in the team events. Hollie had a great swim and is showing improvement all the time. Phoebe had an amazing day with a good shoot of 920 and a great swim to finish in 2nd place individually. Sadly the ride was cancelled due to wet ground but a great day was had by all. Well done to all, you all work so hard to train for these competitions and the hard work is paying off


Phoebe Frost will be travelling to Milton Keynes this weekend to compete in the National Winter Tetrathlon. Phoebe was the only member from East Cornwall to qualify and we wish her the best of luck. Go Phoebe!


The weather was fairly kind to us yesterday for our own triathlon held at Lux Park, Liskeard. 

We had 12 members take part in this annual event.

Monty Wickham was our only biathlon entry and had an amazing run, finishing well ahead of the field in his heat. Also posting a super swim result Monty finished 5th overall.

Faith, Fleur and Holly Reid competed in the mixed mini class. All girls shot really well and Holly went on to run in a super quick time of 3.56 which put her in 6th place overall.

Florence and Tamsyn took part in the mini girls class both having good consistent scores through all phases and worked really hard in the muddy conditions.

Our junior girls class was very well supported with 6 members taking part. Rowan and Tegann are new to triathlon and both had good scores in the run and swim. Kensa had a great swim of over 5 lengths. Hollie also had a good run and swim. Demelza shot a super 840 and along with Phoebe had a good run and swim. Both girls being rewarded for their hard work by being placed. Phoebe taking 4th and Demelza taking 6th. Phoebe, Demelza and Holly Reid were also awarded 7th place in the team event.

A huge well done to all who took part, you are all training hard and it is really paying off with everyone improving at each event. Keep up the good work! 

The next event is at Truro on 25th and 26th March and is on the website for booking.

CURY TRIATHLON - 25th Feb 2017

5 members travelled to Helston for the Cury triathlon.
Tamsyn competed in the mini girls class doing a super run and swim and narrowly missing a placing.
In the Juunior girls class Kensa did a super PB in her run and Hollie achieved a PB in her swim. Phoebe was consistent through all three phases gaining a third place individually and Demelza had a super shoot to finish second individually. Phoebe and Demelza were in a mixed team finishing in second. Well done Girls

2017 membership renewal form

2017 membership renewal form




Please find below the link to download the start times for our Triathlon being held on Saturday 4th March at Lux Park Leisure Centre Liskeard.

Good Luck to you all!


ECHPC 2016 Presentation Winners

Another excellent presentation evening-   Before the 'official' proceedings started we had the Cha Cha slide! -  Mums, Dads and children all up on the dance floor - sliding to the left, 2 hops this time!! to get the evening started.

We had a lovely welcome by our new Secretary Fiona Stephens and new DC Sarah Martin who did an amazing job on the microphone. Our outgoing secretary Julia Basset did a warming handover to Fiona and as Fiona noted she has 'very big shoes to fill'. We would all agree the passion, time, commitment and drive Julia has given the club has been second to none and the good news is we won't let her go anywhere!!!! Another big thanks to Margaret Best our outgoing DC who has been a back bone for the club supporting all members at all events. We welcomed in our new chief instructor, Caroline Wills who you will all be seeing lots of in the near future and thanked Mandy Brasire who had retired from the role this year. 

Tracey Baker gave a comprehensive rendition of the years events highlighting some of the key events from grassroots, triathlons, tetathrlons to area competitions. What was very apparent was the variety, diversity and breadth of activities and events our members take part in and the time commitment and effort they each put in. 

It was great to so many children, parents and friends attending the evening and many well deserved awards presented. Sadly, Mandy Brasire our Junior instructor was ill but she had written a lovely speech for her 'Marvels' and they were presented with 'Mandy's Marvels' rosettes. New for this year was the 'new Members' rosettes where each new member was presented with a rosette welcoming them into the club.

Their was lots of food and puddings,  big thanks to Su Congdon for organising the venue food and entertainment. Marcia did a fantastic raffle with everyone dashing for the prizes. After the formal proceedings the disco started with many children both big and small dancing the night away! One of the great things about our club is that the big ones really look after the little ones and that was clear to see. We are a big club with a lot of different activities but the children really show team work, kindness, and a willing to cheer each other on and celebrate each members success. Such life skills that will take them far!

Over all, a fun night was had by all. A big thanks to all the committee who as always give so much to support these events. Roll on next year.....A big Welcome to Fiona and Sarah let the fun begin......

Lead Rein and First Ridden     Josie Jackson

Sam and Sasha Cup  - Best Character Pony  Erin Voyzey with Saffron

The Juno Cup - Best 14.2 and under  Willow and Macie Simpson

The Martin Cup - Best 14.2 and over   Jessie and Honor Farley

Sweep Perpetual Cup  Most Improved  Over 11  Hannah Bragg

Most improved under 11    Ava O’Brien

Clare Deithrick Dressage Award - Most Improved 14 and under Holly Hale

Area Dressage Cup   Sydney Bond & Abi Cox

Springtime Winnie the Pooh Cup - Novice Area HT Flo Wickham

Best Open Plaque  Amy Bennalick

Mayfly Plate- Consistency During the Year Tilly Bassett

Senior Prince Philip  Beth Stephens

Junior Prince Philip  Scarlett Gould

Graham Higgins Cup - Tack and Turnout  Annabella Smith

Kellagher Cup- Tet Achievement  Max Frost

Tankard Tet Boys  Max Frost

Dinnis Trophy  Tet Junior Girls  Phoebe Frost

Hickory Cup  Tet Most Improved  Millie Frost

Dazzle Memorial Cup  Tri Most Improved  Florence Scard Morgan   

Tet Most Improved Swim  Phoebe Frost

Tet Most Improved Run  Kensa Benallick

Tet Most Improved Shoot    Mille Frost

Shakerly Cup - Area Show Jumping   Oliver Bassett

Plaidy Cup  Best Veteran    Pippin and Daisy Swain   

ECHPC Secretary Award Most helpful and enthusiastic  Abi Baker

Wollcombe Yonge Cup  Consistent Team Player   Demelza Morris


It was great to see so many of you at the Presentation evening to celebrate the 2016 year.

Just a friendly reminder to urge those Members who have not renewed their membership to do so without delay as this needs to be done by 28th February. Members who do not renew by this date will not be able to compete in ANY Area Pony Club events (all disciplines including PPC). This rule is strictly enforced by the Pony Club and exemptions are never granted.

Membership renewal forms are available for download on the link below (please see the separate section on this page under the heading Membership Form 2017) The Membership should be renewed on our website and completed forms sent to the Membership Secretary Amanda Frost.

Thank You


On Wednesday 15th Feb the East Cornwall Pixies- Daisy, Tiggie-Lou and Kizzie entered the mini teams show jumping. The first course was 1ft 6 and the second 1ft 9. We were up against 4 other pony club teams. The course was nice but had some tricky jumps including a skinny! The ponies all did very well so did the riders- with the team finishing 2nd and Daisy getting 4th individually and Tiggie-Lou getting 5th individually. It was lovely to meet other people from the other clubs and experience jumping in a different arena. We can't wait for it next year and hope to run a similar one in our club!! So watch the diary dates.


Team 2 Millie Frost, Rowan Caunter, Holly Reid and Faith Davey at the mini team show jumping held by South Devon Moorland pony Club. This was a lovely, friendly well run event, with a tricky up to height course that saw only 2 teams ending the day with no eliminations. We ended in 6th place with some awesome riding and team spirit, but some very naughty ponies. It was a fun day. Millie and Flash ended in 6th place individually.



Please find attached the Schedule for our Triathlon which is being held on 4th March 2017. Please click on the download link below.



A fantastic day for our Triathletes with some fabulous results!

Tamsyn Morris, Florence Scard Morgan and Isabelle Sutton competed in the mini girls class.  Tamsyn did a super shoot of 700, Florence ran a great race, finishing in 5m 30s, which was amazing as the going was very muddy and wet.  Isabelle swam well ahead of the other girls in her heat to secure a super score of 4.2 lengths.  No placings this time for the girls but some fantastic team spirit and a great day was had by all.

Demelza Morris, Kensa Benallick and Phoebe Frost competed in the large junior girls class where they all posted super shooting and swim scores.  Kensa improved her swim by almost 1 length which is an amazing achievement.  Phoebe had a super day with a good run and swim to finish in 3rd individually which earned her a place at the National Triathalon Championships in March at Milton Keynes.  Our East Cornwall Team of Demelza, Kensa and Phoebe were also placed 8th.

Well done girls - you were amazing. 

Devon and Somerset Triathlon

Six members travelled to Wellington on Sunday to compete in this competition.

Millie and Tamsyn competed in the mini girls class, Millie had a super swim of 4.14 and Tamsyn shot an amazing 600 which was a PB    for both girls. Millie also had a good run to be awarded 5th overall.

Kensa, Demelza, Hollie and Phoebe competed in the junior girls class. This was Kensa and Hollie's first time in this class and they both were amazing - shooting on a turning target, an increase in the run and swim ment they had to work really hard, they did not disappoint and posted some great results.

Demelza and Phoebe have both been training hard, Demelza had a PB in the run and swim to finish in 5th place and Phoebe had  a 900 shoot and a super swim to achieve PB's in both of these phases too. Phoebe was placed 3rd in this class, what an awesome achievement!

In the team event Tamsyn, Demelza and Hollie were placed 2nd.

A huge well done to everyone.


On Saturday 10th December, 4 of our Junior Members successfully achieved their E Test achievement badges.  They have been working towards them for a little while and Mandy confirmed they had passed with flying colours.  'E' test riders should be able to walk and trot on the lead rein and they should also know basic points of the pony and tack.

Congratulations to Josie Jackson, Gracie Hoare, Charlotte Hoare and Amalie Rundle - Well done all.


A sunny day made for perfect weather for this open show and helped to attract a large number of entries (30 in some classes).  Ponies and riders were decked out in tinsel and Christmas costumes and created a festive atmosphere.  We were able to have all 3 arenas at the college and were therefore able to put on clear round jumping - many thanks to Isobel Thomas for manning this for much of the day.  Special rosettes were awarded for fancy dress to Holly Hale and Rowan Caunter.  A huge thanks to Gail Hooper for judging - with regular course changes and creative use of the jumps which tested horse and rider combinations.

Thank you also to Marcia Voyzey for 1st Aid, Ollie Bassett as Judges helper, Tracey Baker, Julia Bassett, Vicky Ham, Fiona Stephens and many, many more parents who kindly gave up their time to make this a very successful day making in excess of £300 for the club.


Frosty and Friends 40cm:  1st Faith Davey, 2nd Kizzy Witton, 3rd Olivia Eadie, 4th Kensa Cameron

Santa's Little Helper Pairs 60cm:  1st Hannah Bragg/ Ella Glennon, 2nd Faith Davey/ Erin Voysey (Beanie), 3rd Rosie Busby/ Erin Voyzey (Saffron), 4th Rowan Caunter/ Rebecca Eaddie, 5th Tiggie Lou Wiitton/ Daisy Swain, 6th Theo Marshall/ Ella Waite

Christmas Crackers 65cm:  1st Bethany Stephens, 2nd Theo Marshall, 3rd Rebecca Eaddie, 4th Claire Knight, 5th Teagan Greenaway, 6th Florence Scard-Morgan

Dasher and Dancer Pairs 70cm:  1st Tilly Bassett/ Megan Busby, 2nd Ella Glennon/ Hannah Bragg, 3rd Ella Waite/ Teagan Greenaway

Jingle-all-the-Way 75cm:  1st Flo Wickham, 2nd Tilly Bassett, 3rd Evie Baker, 4th Olivia Crichton, 5th Ella Glennon, 6th Florence Scard-Morgan

Race me Rudolph Pairs 80cm:  1st Julia Bassett/ Louise Garland, 2nd Demelza Morris/ Freya Donaghy, 3rd Amy Blake/ Bethany Pyzer, 4th Sydney Bond/ Isobel Thomas, 5th Evie Baker/ Flo Wickham, 6th Tiggy Paton/ Olivia Crichton

Santa's Sleigh Ride 85cm:  1st Amy Bickleigh, 2nd Angela Willett, 3rd Amy Blake, 4th Charlotte Scoble, 5th Flo Wickham, 6th Demelza Morris

Festive Fun 95cm:  1st Amy Blake, 2nd Annalie M’Hand, 3rd Ollie Bassett, 4th Demelza Morris, 5th Ellie Garland, 6th Charlotte Scoble


Membership Form 2017


membership form 2017



The Juniors had wonderful fun at the Xmas party, fantastically led by the fabulous Mandy Basire.  There was apple bobbing, marshmallows, jokes, Granny's footsteps - all accompanied by lots of giggling and smiley faces.  The ponies were all very well behaved and seemed to enjoy the fun too!  The fancy dress was phenomenal.  WE had Mrs Claus, Snowmen, Father Christmas, Elves, Reindeer and Christmas presents - everybody put in so much thought and effort into the fabulous costumes - as is shown in the picture!  The winners of the fancy dress were Millie Frost and Fleur Jackson, although the judge commented on how difficult it was to choose winners as they were all fantastic!

There was also a special guest who came to visit......Father Christmas.  The children heard his bell ringing and were really excited when he came into the school with a reindeer, 2 elves and a sack full of presents.  The children loved seeing him and talking to the elves and reindeer (who were very well behaved).

The food (Supplied by parents) was really tasty and a great time was had by all.  A very big thanks to all those costume designers, chefs and of course Mandy and the wonderful father Christmas and his amazing Elves.  You really made the party so special - we can't wait for next year!


ECHPC was alooted to attend the Equine Fair at West Point Arena to compete in the Horse and Hound Competition, which proved to be very exciting!

We had lots of interest from our members, so following a few try out sessions, we managed, after much deliberation to select a team of Riders and Runners with Hounds!

We had a great day out, but realised it is very different from anything else we do.  The noise, the colours, the atmosphere, the small arena......and that was before we came across Geoff Billington, the Compere for the day, dressed as Superman!

Our team of riders were:  Freay Donaghy on Bubble, Scarlett Gould on Brownie, Tamsyn Morris on Razzy and Tilly Bassett on Midnight.  The team of runners were:  Phoebe Frost with Floss the Fluffy, Megan Busby with Zeela the Cockerlab (the 4th fastest runner), Katie Flannagan with Floss the Collie (who including a tumble was the 2nd fastest) and Evie Baker with Mouse, the Skinny Whippet!

Together they made up a great team and with fellow clubs, also putting their best hoof forward, it was a tight competition.  There was lots of shouting and encouragement for all teams and it is with great pleasure that I can say ECHPC WON - coming away with rugs for the riders and door mats for the runners.

We'd like to thank the organisers for inviting us along as it is a great opportunity for the smaller children and their ponies to experience the fantastic atmosphere in a fun environment.  Fingers crossed we can come back again next year to defend our title!

C & C+ RESULTS 4th Dec 16

Another massive well done to everyone that passed tests today as follows:

C+ -  Sydney Bond, Phoebe Frost, Katie Flanagan and Florence Whickham- a hard slog and we are very proud of the way you all handled it.
C test  - Beth Witton, Bethany Stephens, Kensa Bennallick, Tegenn Greenaway and Tiggy Paton.

Well done everyone!

C & C+ RESULTS 27th Nov 16

A massive congratulations to Milly Bersey, Grace Benallick and Demelza Morris for passing their C+Test.

Also Congratulations to Macy Phillips, Tamsin Morris, Holly Hale, Charlotte Scoble and  and Kathryn Coleman on passing their C Test.


Well done to Hollie Jenkins, Macy Simpson, Kensa Bennalick, Tegenn Greenaway, Hannah Bragg and Kathryn Coleman on passing the Road Rider Exam.


Six members competed in this great event yesterday at Launceston College. Florence Scard Morgan had a solid shoot and a PB in her run and swim in the mixed mini class. Millie Frost has now moved up to the mini girls class and had a great run and swim with 4.10 lengths to finish in 6th place. Tamsyn Morris also competed in the mini girls class with a super run.
Phoebe Frost, Demelza Morris and Abi Baker all took part in the junior girls class. Abi and Demelza both posting a strong run and swim. Phoebe had an amazing run and swim to finish in 5th place. A huge well done to all, keep up the good work!21-


ECHPC certainly has Got Talent!!!!

The Halloween Disco was held Saturday night at the Donkey Park. All of the children (and adults) had very impressive albiet scary (including a scary clown) outfits. Everyone looked great in their costumes and makeup, we had 30 children attend so the room was full of fun loving spooks!!. Rosy Busby won the under 10 Halloween outfit and Alex won the over 10's prize! Judged by the lovely Bethany Coggon. The talent competition was opened by Terry Witton, the 'dancing clown' followed by Tilly and Rosy with a perfect duet and then numerous singing, gymnastic and group dancing acts! The judges - Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Alesha Dixon and the one and only David Walliams (guess who that was??- Ollie Bassett) gave both supportive and encouraging feedback to all of the contestants. Finally after hours of deliberations the winning act was given to Erin Voyzey for her superb dance along with Bethany Rundle (our youngest member) who brought the dancefloor alive with her cuteness, dancing and desire to join in with the big girls!

To say we laughed was an understatement - everyone had a real giggle (mostly at the parents dancing! Along with parents doing cartwheels and handstands!). Sarah Witton kindly made some great scary cakes with eye balls on them! We finished the night with many 'club classics' and even had Paul Gould on the dancefloor doing the conga!!!!!!without Albert!!!

A big thanks to everyone who came and joined in the fun along with everyone for helping with the event and especially to Tamsin and Bethany for the use of fantastic venue and facilities -  it was hugely appreciated.


On Friday 28th October one team, the East Cornwall Stars(Hannah Bragg, Ella Glennon,  Annelie M'Hand and Lucie Jones, did our club VERY proud at Eggesford Pony Club Team Show Jumping at The Grange. It was a very testing course from the start and our team were one of just three to go through clear! Ella, Annelie and Lucie all went double clear and Hannah had a very unlucky pole in the timed round.  There was just 2 seconds between the top two! WE WERE SECOND.  Full results below:

1st Eggesford clear 1:70.23.
2nd East Cornwall Stars clear 1:72.30.
3rd strictly come prancing clear 1:82.25.
4th spooners 4 faults 1:63.22
5th Dartmoor demons 4faults 1:76.85
6th ghouls on horseback 8 faults
7th Torrington spooks 8 faults
8th grim reapers 12 faults
9th devils horsemen 12 faults
10th only fools and horses 12 faults

WELL DONE GIRLS - Written by Debbie Glennon


Great weather set the scene for this event held at Duchy College on 25th Oct 16.

Class 1 (40cm) saw Daisy Swain take 1st place and Best Dressage with her new pony Midnight. 2nd place was Olivia Eade, impressively competing at her first show, 3rd was new member Harry Mitchell, Ava O�Brien and Katie Bunney tied for 4th with Milly Bersey on a young horse at their first show finishing 6th.

Class 2 (60cm) saw Florence Scard-Morgan take 1st place, 2nd was Tiggy Paton, 3rd Erin Voyzey and 4th Honor Farley, with Florence and Erin amazingly tied for best dressage.

Class 3 (70cm) saw little over 1 point between dressage tests with Evie Baker finishing 1st and taking best dressage, 2nd Florence Scard-Morgan, tied 3rd was Tegenn Greenaway and Fynn Baker and 4th Tilly Bassett.

Class 4 (75cm) another well supported class was won by Holly Hale who also took best dressage, 2nd Florence Wickham, 3rd Tamsyn Morris, 4th Evie Baker, 5th Ellie Wright and 6th Isobel Thomas on new horse Sammy!

Class 5 (85cm) again v close dressage scores, 1st was Flo Wickham, 2nd Demelza Morris, 3rd Holly Hale with best dressage again and was 4th Isobel Thomas.

Most competitors took advantage of being able to jump their round twice and there was also clear round for those wanting to jump again or next size course. Zoe Barwell (dressage) and Gail Hooper (show jumping) did a brilliant job of judging and were so encouraging and positive. Zoe commented on the high standard of riding, with most competitors riding their tests from memory and with accuracy of movements shown. It was also noted that, with few exceptions correct tack was worn and the standard of turnout was high - well done! Massive thanks to several parents who gave up their time to help out - it was very much appreciated.

Another very enjoyable day and hopefully in the spirit of it, offered constructive training for all taking part.

Report by Lucy Thomas


Four members had a great day competing at Mount Kelly today.

Kensa Benallick had a fantastic shoot of 800 and a super swim in the mini girls class along with Hollie Jenkins who had a good run of 4.26.

Millie Frost competed in the mini-mini girls class with an awesome run of 4.17 and swimming over 4 lengths to complete the day in 3rd place. Phoebe Frost had a very good swim of seven and a half lengths finishing in 4th place. Well done to all it was a really lovely day.

Combined Training Times

Combined Training Times


Eggesford Tetrathlon

Seven East Cornwall members took part in this event last weekend. Kensa Bennallick, Tamsin Morris and Hollie Jenkins competed in the mini girls class with Kensa having a great shoot of 700 and a PB in her run and swim. Tamsin had a good swim and this was Hollie's second competition and improved in all phases. Phoebe Frost, Demelza Morris and Lucie Jones competed in the junior girl class, which is always very competitive. Phoebe had a good run and swim and Demelza, who hasn't competed for a while worked really hard in her run and swim. This was Lucie's first triathlon and she was amazing swimming over 6 lengths. Max, as always, was the star of the show! Max competed in the junior boy class scoring a shoot of 800 an amazing run of 5.10 and a PB in his swim going well over 8 lengths to win first place. Well done Max! Phoebe and Kensa completed the event on the following day with the XC. Due to a mix up  poor Kensa was unable to complete the XC but in true East Cornwall style was there to encourage Her teammate. Phoebe had a super speedy clear around the  big 90 course on the fabulous Joey to finish in fith place. Well done to all.


04/09/16 A better day weather wise today for the Pony Club Regional Show jumping final. 26 teams competed. Our team Tilly Bassett on Bella, Macy Simpson  on Foley, Steph Bennison on Woody and Katie Flanagan on Max rode a wonderful first round to go through to the 2nd round on 0 penalties.

The course builder then put in a bogey fence which caught many out in round two.. only one team finished on 0 faults, 6 teams on 4 faults and 5 teams on 8 faults. ECHPC finished on 8 faults coming just outside the rosettes with a very respectable 11th place. A great result which such a large field.

All double clears then jumped off against the clock for individual placings. There were 24 to jump off. The 1st 3 placings finished with less than a second between them with Katie leading until the 3rd to last rider, when she was beaten by 0.6 of a second.  Massive Congratulations to Katie and Max on coming second - Report by Juliette Flanagan


03/09/16 On a rather blustery and at the end very wet day 4 teams (16 members) competed, having qualified at the area event earlier this year. 24 teams took part so the competition was exceptionally tough. All our members were well turned out and kept a very positive attitude despite the challenging conditions. None of our teams were placed but just outside the placings were Ella Glennon, Steph Bennison, Macy Simpson & Mary Nason. Our other teams were very close behind with only 2 points between two of our other teams. One of our youngest members Ella Glennon achieved a 4th in her individual arena which bearing I mind she is only 8 is a huge achievement. Megan Busby was placed 6th in her arena. Holly Hale and her pony Jack came 1st in their arena and had to ride off for individual overall placings. This will have been tough bearing in mind the time delay and the dreadful weather but Holly went on to come 4th overall so very well done this is a real achievement. All our members did exceptionally well and were a credit to their club.  Report by Tracey Baker

TREWOLLAND CAMP 2016 - Written by Louise Tate

Another super and successful Pony Club Camp at Trewolland came to an end on the 14th August for 21 of our Junior and Intermediate Members.  The weather was fantastic and remained on side for everyone, the evenings were maybe a little chilly but the fun and laughter had by all (and the hot chocolate and marshmallows and midnight feasts of sweets) helped keep everyone warm and happy!

Lots of achievements were made across the groups and i hope everyone had an amazing time; the jumping lane was a particular highlight of the week and the musical finales to each camp were well choreographed and ridden!

The winners were as follows:

Junior Camp

Most Improved:  Josie Jackson

Stable Management:  Tiggie-Lou Witton

Best Pony:  Cherrypie (Kensa Cameron)

Intermediate Camp

Most Improved: Scarlett Gould and Kensa Benallick

Stable Management:  Tegann Greenaway

Best Pony:  Sage (Annabella Smith)

Once again a massive thank you to everyone that makes camp possible each year - our parents, grandparents, helpers, instructors, Emma and Danni and not least to Alison and Russell for hosting and the use of their facilities.

It is with sadness that this was our final year of holding camp and Trewolland and our hunt will be on to find a new location that will offer us the same wonderful experience as everyone has enjoyed at Alison's over the past years.


Max had a great three days at the tet champs in Yorkshire....
He had a great start to the competition with a shoot score of 900 and a swim of almost 8 lengths. Max and Roxy then tackled the very technical XC course which is always well up to height and came away with a lovely clear inside the time to gain maximum points.
The final phase of running was held today and as always Max posted a super fast run to complete the competion in 18th place.
This is an amazing result, well done Max and Roxy

SUPER PONY 2016 - Written by Julie Swain

Once again an amazing turnout with 31 members taking part.  What a brilliant day - Superpony 2016 was a fantastic day of smiles, giggles and amazing riding!!! Well done to everyone - you all put in 100%. Again the support for one another shone through - I think you'd have heard the cheering on in Plymouth. You should all be proud of your team spirit supporting each other, even when things didn't always go your way.

The results were as follows:

Minis Winner: 1st - Tiggie -Lou Witton on Pepsi
2nd - Daisy Swain, 3rd - Olivia Tate, 4th - Amelie Rundle, 5th - Bethany Rundle

Juniors Winner:  1st - Tamsyn Morris on Razzy
2nd - Rosie Busby, 3rd - Millie Fost, 4th - Faith Davey, 5th - Holly Reid, 6th Annabella Smith

Seniors Winner:  1st - Bethany Stephens on Marty

2nd -Tilly Bassett, 3rd - Megan Busby, 4th - Demelza Morris, 5th - Florence Wickham, 6th - Freya Donaghy

A big thank you to Tony Jope, Lynn Bennallick, Amy Bennallick and Grace Bennalick for letting us use the field and all your help setting up and judging. Also big thanks to everyone for making today such a great event - Amanda Frost, Marcia Voyzey, Ami Reid, Penny Smith, Michelle Philips, Ollie Bassett, Max Frost, Margaret Best, Abi Baker, Clare Mollet, Tracey Baker, Kieran O'brien and Sonia Bennalick (Sorry if i have missed anyone).

SPOONERS TRE AND TET - Written by Kathy Treleaven

Four members took part in this friendly event held at Mount Kelly, Tavistock.
Hollie Jenkins competed in the mini girls class and had a good run, Millie Frost had a super run and swim to finish the first day in 4th. Phoebe Frost also had a good run and swim to finish in 5th. Max Frost was on top form again achieving best shoot, run and swim to claim first place in the junior boys class. The East Cornwall team came 3rd, an amazing achievement in strong competition.
Max, Millie and Phoebe also competed in the XC with Phoebe having one of only two clear rounds of the day! Millie was 3rd in her class, Phoebe climbed up to 2nd after her super ride on Joey and Max held on to first place in the junior boys class. Team Frost also recieved 2nd in the team event. Huge well done!!


Two east Cornwall Prince Phillip Cup teams competed at Yealmpton Show yesterday and it was a closely fought competition with a number of races nearly ending in a tie for first place.

 Quite a challenge for a few of our junior riders who came along to make up teams but we're not familiar with the races but did very well. By the end of the competition literally a point separated each placing and our blue team came 3rd and the yellows 4th! You did your club proud! Well done!

Area Show Jumping - written by Juliette Flanagan

Awesome result for East Cornwall today (24th July) at Area Show Jumping.

Firstly a huge congratulations to Oliver Bassett for winning the Area Novice and qualifying for the Championships.  With only a  team of three,  Demelza Morris, Freya Donaghy and Oli Bassett rode amazingly with the team coming 5th overall out of 15 teams. Thank you Kathy Donaghy for detouring from Colraine to bring Freya to fill in as without here there wouldn't have been a team! .

Well done too to Amy Benallick who, in challenging conditions, came 4th in the open and also... qualified for the champs.

 We had two teams in the grassroot. Well done to Macy Simpson, Katie Flanagan, Steph Bennison and Tilly Bassett on winning in very tough conditions out of 13 teams. Brilliant riding from the other team of Evie Baker, Megan Busby, Tamsyn Morris and Annelie, but sadly not their day. Each and every one of you did well and should be proud.

The sun came out for the afternoon and the pre-novice team also did an amazing job and came second in the team competition out of 6 teams and second in tack and turnout. Well done Holly Hale ,Holly Reid, Ella Glennon and Hannah Bragg. Hannah came an amazing 4th individually and Holly Reid came 9th.

 Even if you didn't get a rosette each and everyone who competed you did our club proud. Well done.


Well done again to team Frost! Max, Phoebe and Millie travelled to the Mendips to compete in the area Tetrathlon and they all came home in the ribbons. Millie competed in the mini girls class and had a super swim of 4 lengths and a clear ride xc to finish 3rd in her class. Phoebe also had a super swim but had a slight problem on the xc course dropping her down to 8th place, narrowly missing a qualifying place. Max had an amazing weekend starting with a 980 shoot and being awarded best shoot in his class. He also had a good swim and, as always, a solid run. Another super clear xc round with Roxy left him well ahead of the competition and Max completed the four phases in first place. This now qualifies him for the Tet champs in Yorkshire, we all wish him the best of luck.


Good Luck for a Busy Weekend

A really busy weekend ahead for the PC, starting with a Prince Philip Display at the Cambourne Show followed by the Horse and Hound Competition - all for fun, but well worth taking part!
This will be followed by the slightly more serious - Area Dressage Competition. ECHPC have an amazing entry of over 30 individual riders, which is amazing. Well done to all who entered and i would like to wish you all the very best of Luck in which ever discipline you are representing this weekend.

Area Tetrathlon

Max, Phoebe and Millie Frost are heading to the Mendips to compete in the Area Tetrathlon event this weekend. We hope you have an amazing time and wish you all the best of luck.

PPC Results 2016

An early start, & a bit damp, but fabulous day at the Prince Philip Zone Finals at Taunton Racecourse.  Our senior team, Abi Baker, Bethany Stephens, Phoebe Frost, Katie Flanagan & Holly Hale, did extremely well against such experienced competition teams, of which one won HOYS last year & others are HOYS finalists, have MGA (mounted games association) world champions in them & MGA ponies!  They came 3rd in the tack & turnout, & 12th in their zone final.  The junior team Erin Voyzey, Rosie Busby, Millie Frost, Tamsyn Morris & Scarlett Gould, also did really well, placed 8th.  They are a team of fairly experienced juniors now & in a few races got through to the final heats, which hopefully shows exciting promise for the future, so huge well done to you all.  It's such an amazing experience for our members, I hope they feel they have gained more than memories.  I myself am proud of our clubs particular tenacity, fairness & sportsmanship, on our gorgeous everyday pony club ponies who are just wonderful.  But keep up the practice whilst we have a small summer break, we want you to come back better than ever!!!  And BIG thanks you's to all parents, it doesn't happen with out your dedication, patience & hard work.....THANK YOU.  & thank you Sarah, bring on next year ??!! 


Well Max, Phoebe and Millie who formed their own team today in the SDM triathlon (and tetrathlon for Max ). Max came first in his class with best run, shoot and swim. Phoebe came 4th individually in her class and Millie came first in her class!!! Then team Frost came 4th overall !!!! An amazing achievement - Well done all!

BEST OF LUCK......PPC 2016

Wishing our two Prince Philip Cup teams the very best of luck for the Zones finals at Taunton racecourse on Sunday 26th June 

Junior team - Erin Voyzey, Rosie Busby, Scarlett Gould, Millie Frost & Tamsyn Morris. 
Senior team - Abi Baker, Phoebe Frost, Holly Hale, Bethany Stephens & Katie Flanagan 

Do your best guys 😃 we are all so proud of you....looking forward to seeing the results very soon!

PPC at the Royal Cornwall Show

Congratulations to all who rode at the Royal Cornwall Show today in the PPC Competition. There was some great riding from all that took part and great fun for the spectators seeing the thrills and spills that can only be linked to PPC. Loose Ponies, riders falling off, ponies being cheeky and bit full of themselves, but that's what happens as you move up the ladder! The results were close at the top, but SDW scooped the 1st, followed closely by Fourburrow in 2nd and EC Blues in 3rd (who were running neck and neck throughout the competition). Then a nail biting run off for 4th, with EC Yellow getting the 4th place and Little Margate taking 5th, leaving the EC Whites to the well deserved 6th. Great riding from all of you. Next stop - Zone Finals at Taunton Race Course on 26th June for the EC Yellows Seniors and EC Juniors. Good Luck all. Once again a massive thank you to Sarah Martin and Marcia Voyzey for all your hard work - without you it wouldn't be possible.


Congratulations to all those who competed at today's ODE at Merrymeet.  A massive thank you to all who help make the day a success and also to Peter Sobey for the use of his land.  Many people volunteered their time to help run the event, for which we are very grateful to all of you.  Results from today are attached.


ODE - Merrymeet

Good luck to all ECHPC members competing in tomorrow's event at Merrymeet.  Look forward to seeing the results!


Best of Luck to Max Frost who is taking part in the Junior Regional Tetrathlon being held at Moreton Morrell in Warwickshire. He will be competing in a team for the South West. GOOD LUCK Max - look forward to hearing the results soon........

Windsor Horse Show

Max and Roxy travelled to Windsor to compete in the Tetrathlon as part of the South West team. Max had a good shoot score of 880 followed by an amazing swim of 8 lengths and 7 meters. He also had a fast run completing the 1500m course in 5 mins 14 seconds. With just 30 penalties in the ride the South West team finished in an amazing 5th place. Well done Max.

Inter Area Tetrathlon

Max and Phoebe competed for East Cornwall at this wonderful event held at Bicton. Both members started the event with a good shoot and swim with Max scoring 880 in the shoot and swam 7 lengths and 20 metres and Phoebe scoring 840 in the shoot and swam 7 lengths and 8 metres. On the second day they tackled the very long XC course where many competitors collected faults but Max and Phoebe made light of the tough course with Roxy going clear inside the time and Joey, a new mount for Phoebe, also went clear but collected a few time penalties. The run was over a new course this year and both members posted great times with Max completing in 4 minutes 40 seconds and Phoebe in 6 minutes. Max finished the competition in 10th place with Phoebe in 27th, there were over 50 competitors in the girls class so an amazing achievement, well done.

Max will be travelling to Warwickshire this weekend to compete in the Regional Tetrathlon as part of the Junior team we wish him the best of luck at this fantastic event.


Thankfully the persistent drizzly rain didn't dampen any of the teams competitive spirits at this years Area 16 Prince Philip Cup mounted games competition. It was East Cornwall Hunt Pony Club's turn to host and we thank Mr Tony Jope for allowing us to use Keason Farm, our usual field was perfect for the games.
East Cornwall had 3 Senior teams and 1 Junior team,
The Blues - Flo Wickham, Tilly Bassett, Megan Busby, Sydney Bond & Demelza Morris.
The Yellows - Abi Baker, Phoebe Frost, Max Frost, Holly Hale & Bethany Stephens
The Whites - Evie Baker, Macy Simpson, Annelie B'mhand, Tegenn Greenaway & Kathryn Coleman.
Junior blues - Erin Voyzey, Tamsyn Morris, Rosie Busby, Scarlett Gould & Millie Frost.
All the teams put up great competition, there was lots of support from the sidelines & within the teams, despite the cold wet weather making it very hard for the children's hands to grip anything, they kept going!
The scores were tight & after having to run a nerve wrecking spare race between senior East Cornwall Yellows & Four burrow for 2nd & 3rd places the results were as follows..
1st - South Devon West A
2nd - East Cornwall Yellows
3rd - Four Burrow Hunt
4th - East Cornwall Blues
5th - East Cornwall Whites
6th - Little Margate + Tack & Turnout winners
7th - Tetcott and South Tetcott
8th - South Devon West B

Our junior side beat the 2nd place opponents by only one point !!
1st - East Cornwall
2nd - Little Margate + Tack & Turnout winners
3rd - Tetcott and South Tetcott

Caroline Chadwick, the Chief Steward from PC HQ commented on the very high standard of Tack & Turnout and was pleased with the days Games.
The first three qualify to compete at the zones, Sunday 26th June at Taunton racecourse & the top six from the Senior competition have qualified for the Cornish Mounted Games competition to be held at Royal Cornwall Show, Friday 10th June.
Although we were disappointed to not have all three of our teams get to the zones, I hope you will all wish our Yellows every success at the Zones competition at the end of June. They now have 7 weeks to learn 9 races, some old, some completely new!
All in all the day was a great success & we had a great day.  On a personal note I would like to say huge THANK YOU's to everyone who played a part in the day.


I am a very proud team showjumping organiser - 10 members ventured out in awful weather today to represent the club at Lyneham House - well done to Tiggy Lou Witton and Isobel Sutton who joined forces with another club in Class 1 to come 4th as a mixed team! Rosie Busby went to defend her Pongo cup and came away with it for another year! Kizzie Witton also came 3rd in that class. Tiggy Paton (on Beths Ollie), Bethany Stephens, Holly Reid and Evie Baker took the ribbons, sashes and cup in Class 2 with some fab riding from all. Megan Busby and Abi Baker also joined forces with another club for Class 4 (Megan borrowing mum and granny's horses to ride twice) in what was a very beefy course.  They competed in heavy rain and wild winds to come away with a well deserved 4th! So proud of you all - smiling all the way through and cheering each other on.  Great team spirit!

Junior Un-mounted Rally

The Juniors have been learning all about show jumping etiquette.  As part of their unmounted rallies we are practicing how to jump correctly.  They all loved pretending to be horses, jumping around the sand school, under the excellent instruction of Mandy Basire.  The aim is to then bring their newly developed skills into practice at the next mounted rally.  Great fun was had by all. 

Busy Bank Holiday weekend.....

A busy weekend ahead..... Best of luck to all our PPC members taking part in the area games tomorrow.  1 junior and 3 senior teams.... Great representation for the club.  Race well and bring home the ribbons for EC.  Monday brings Lynham House team sj and team SJ in association with the PC and British SJ, so members have had a tough choice to make in which event yo choose.  Lynham House is a super event which has been well supported with again with plenty of members supporting this wonderful event.  It is a tough course but do your best to bring home a cup between you.  Look forward to seeing all the results! 


Max Frost has been selected by the Area 15/16 tetrathlon committee to represent the south west at Royal Windsor Horse show. Max will compete over three days at the show with the riding phase being a course of show jumps in the big arena. Max will be accompanied by Sophie Bray from Devon and Somerset and Chloe Olford from South Devon Moorland. We would like to wish Max and Roxy the best of luck at this amazing event.

Combined Training at Duchy College 31st March 2016

A lovely sunny day and a great day of competition was enjoyed at the college on Thursday. Although the entries were slightly down compared to the October CT, and so it was opened up to other clubs/ non- PC Riders, all classes from 40cm to 95cm took place.

In Class 1 (40cm) Florence Scard-Morgan was first and also had best dressage prize, Alfred Forer was a close second, Hollie Jenkins was third despite having a sore collar bone and completed the dressage in a sling! Unfortunately Hollie had to retire in the show jumping, but showed great courage to have a go!

Class 2 (60cm) was very competitive- being won by Ella Glennon who also took the best dressage prize. The showjumping proved very influential with only 3 clear rounds. The final results being 1st Ella Glennon, 2nd Tegenn Greenaway, 3rd Florence Scard-Morgan, 4th Hannah Bragg, 5th Kensa Bennallick, 6th Donna Sellick. Special rosettes were given to Millie Frost and Erin Voysey for 7th and 8th.

Class 3 (70 cm) saw another excellent dressage score from Ella Glennon to win, 2nd was Sydney Bond with the only clear round, 3rd was Evie Baker on new pony Cruz and in 4th Holly Hale with Jack.

Class 4 (75cm) was well supported with 9 entries. 1st was Isobel Thomas who had 1 of only 2 clear rounds, 2nd Sydney Bond who also scooped best dressage, going clear into 3rd was Macy Simpson, 4th Phoebe Frost, 5th Jade Coupland and 6th Evie Baker. Special rosettes were awarded to Stephanie Bennison, Charlotte Scoble and Maddy Lee who were 7th, 8th and 9th respectively.

Class 5 (85 cm) saw Louisa Blagdon take best dressage, again the showjumping proved tricky with no clear rounds and results as follows: 1st Tilly Bassett, 2nd Bethany Coggan, 3rd Phoebe Frost, 4th Louisa Blagdon, 5th Abi Baker and 6th Cynthia Robinson.

Only 2 competed in the final (95cm) class- 2 very good dressage scores, followed by 4 SJ faults each saw very close competition between Abi Baker and Ellie Robinson with Abi winning by 3 points.

The format of the day, where riders were allowed to jump a second round which didn�t count to final score, saw many improving on their original jumping scores and it was a great way to give confidence and encourage both riders and ponies. Zoe Barwell judged the dressage and was very positive and kind with her comments. Margaret Best and Oli Bassett did a great job of judging the jumping with very professional commentary from Oli. Excellent help was given by Kathy Treleven, Fiona Phillips and Julia Bassett. Thanks to all who made it a very successful and enjoyable day.

Times for Combined Training


Team Show Jumping March 16 by Tracey Baker

A fantastic day was had by all on Sunday at our team showjumping Event at Duchy.  Impressive once again was the team spirit and the support everyone gave eachother.  The mini class was some great riding and lovely double clears from Tiggy Witton and Faith Davey.  Rosie Busby was super speedy coming 2nd in the individual.  Class 2 saw only ECHPC Teams, so there was a lot of competition with V+Evie Baker, Tilly Bassett, Holly Hale and Kathryn Coleman winning the class.  Class 3 had 6 teams battling it out and there was some fab riding from Isobel Thomas, Steph Bennison, Flo Wickham and Holly Hale bringing them a win, with Tilly Bassett being 1st as an individual.  Class 4 was a tricky course which caused a few problems but one of our teams came 1st with an awesome round from Katie Flanagan  to be placed 1st.  Thank you so much to Milly Bersey for running the clear round and bringing the cake for the helpers.

It was a great day and all who rode did their club proud. 

Four Burrow Tetrathlon

Kensa Bennallick competed in the tetrathlon held last weekend at Truro College. She had a good shoot and run and a PB in her swim which is improving all the time. On Sunday Kensa completed the event with  a XC round held at Chyverton Park. Billy Bob was a little cheeky and collected a few faults during the round but they gained enough points to end the two days of competition in fourth place.     Well done Kensa.

The next tetrathlon will be held in May, if you would like to have a go or would like more information please contact Kathy.

ECHPC Team Show Jumping Results

To view results from today's Team Show Jumping Event please click on the link below:

Well done to all that competed.....


Running Order for Team SJ

Running Order for Team Show Jumping

Please click the link below for the running order for Team Show Jumping on Sunday.  Class 5 is now going to be run as an individual competition, which can be entered on the day.  Have fun and I hope you enjoy your day.


ECHPC Bi/Tri Results 2016

ECHPC Bi/Tri Results 2016






Yesterday several EC members and their siblings took part in our own annual event at Lux Park. We were all very thankful that the sun shone and the ground was dry! Olivia Tate, Daisy Swain and Monty Wickham took part in the biathlon, an event consisting  of running and swimming. They all did extremely well with Daisy achieving an individual 8th place.

The mixed mini class was very competitive. Jacob Long, Ella Glennon, Fleur Jackson and Faith Davey are all new to triathlon and worked really hard to post some great scores. Also Florence Scard-Morgan had a great run  and Isabele Sutton dispite being ill on the day achieved a good swim.

Eight EC members competed in the very strong mini girls class. Eryn Voyzey, Hollie Jenkins, Evie Baker and Tamsin Morris are all fairly new to triathlon and dug deep to gain as many points as possible. Kensa Bennallick had an amazing shoot. She has had lots of intensive training from Paul and all her hard work and practice is really paying off. Isabelle Thomas is also new to triathlon and had an amazing run. Hattie Drake achieved consistent scores throughout the three phases to gain individual 7th place and Annelie had best shoot and best run finishing individually in 2nd place.

Max Frost and Tyler Jenkins competed in the junior boys class. This was Tyler's first event and he was great shooting one handed on a turning target after only one lesson from our super shooting coach Paul. Max gave us the highlight of the day with a very exciting run heat where he stayed a small distance ahead of Mathew Vincent from the Western team and fought hard to the end to take best run in his class. Max also gained best shoot and an individual 2nd place.

Hannah Bragg, Phoebe Frost and Demelza Morris were our Junior girls entries. This was Hannah's first triathlon and she posted some great scores, encouraged by Demelza in the run event, real team spirit! Phoebe had a good shoot and swim to claim an individual 5th Place.

Our East Cornwall team of Max Frost, Isabel Thomas, Tamzin Morris and Hannah Bragg achieved 10th place in the team event.

Well done to ALL East Cornwall members who took part in this tough event you were amazing.

If you would like to try triathlon or tetrathlon please take a look at our tetrathlon page or contact Kathy for information of how to get started.



Seven East Cornwall members competed in this event on Saturday at Helston Leisure centre.

Millie Frost achieved best run in the mixed mini class and an individual 3rd place.

Kensa Bennallick had a great shoot in the mini girls class as did Annelie who claimed best shoot and best run. This was another great day for Annelie as she came home with 1st place and a lovely cup.Tamzin Morris also competed in this class and swam really well.

Demelza and Phoebe competed in the strong Junior girls class. Demelza had a good run and swim, and Phoebe claimed an overall 3rd in this class.

Max Frost was our only entry in the Junior Boys class and his hard work is paying off with an amazing 2nd place individually.

Our team of East Cornwall Minions ( Max, Annelie and Phoebe) came first in the team event.

Well done everyone!

Presentation Evening 2015 Report

Friday 5th February saw the annual ECHPC presentation evening held at Saltash Social Club.  It was very well attended by members, family and friends - over 120 in total!  The buffet was very tasty and set everyone up for the speeches and prize giving.  Margaret began by recalling the vast amount of events and activities across the disciplines, that many members have taken part in over the year.  It really highlighted the enormous range of activities that take place in our PC across all ages.  It is fabulous that we have such a variety of rallies, shows and events - something for everyone.

What was evident throughout the evening was the smiles and friendships that have formed and will continue to grow throughout ECHPC.  All members are developing such important life skills (apart from the riding!!), including teamwork, communication and overcoming challenging situations!  ECHPC members are all determined, gutsy and willing to have fun, which we have in bucket loads, because that is what it's all about!  Many words were used in the Prize giving such as - determination, passionate, committed, dedicated, well deserved, greatly improved, team player, smiley attitude, hardworking and strength to strength were all used to describe our members and most importantly, that we don't give up when things don't always go our way!  Some awards were based on results and participation at National Events which demonstrates great role models for the younger members - so watch this space!

Many members were awarded their test certificates along with a new special rosette award  for this year - MANDY'S MINIONS - Mandy presented these to all of the under 10's for their commitment and dedication to riding at rallies in all weathers.  The children were thrilled to be Mandy's Minions and for those unable to be there the remaining rosettes will be handed out at rallies in the coming weeks.

Kaggs Baker put together another fantastic Montage which was amazing to see and i think we all enjoyed watching Oli Bassett falling off the bucking bronco!  The children enjoyed the disco and again the younger members were dancing the night away with the older ones, along with some Mum's, Dad's and Grandparents!

Overall, the night was a great success - full of fun and smiles at this celebratory event - roll on 2016 - we can't wait for the next one.  

Report by Julie Swain


Three East Cornwall members took part in the triathlon on Saturday in terrible weather conditions.

Kensa, Isabel and Annelie all ran extremely well as the run course was underwater and the strong winds did not help at all! Annelie achieved best run in a strong class of mini girls and also gained a well deserved 2nd place individually. Our East Cornwall team were also placed 3rd.

Well done to all three girls for having amazing grit and determination on such a terrible day.


Following a fantastic Presentation Evening, please find below a list of the winners.  Congratulations to all who won....and the those who didn't get chosen....there is always 2016!

FIRST RIDDEN - Pepsi & Tiggie-Lou Witton

SAM AND SASHA CUP - Best Character Pony - Bubbles & Mille Frost

THE JUNO CUP - Midnight Blue & Tilly Bassett

SWEEP PERPETUAL CUP - Most Improved 11+ - Milly Bersey

MOST IMPROVED 11 & UNDER - Kensa Cameron

GRAHAM HIGGINS CUP - Tack and Turnout - Sydney Bond



KELLAGHER CUP - Tet Achievement - Charlotte Hicks

TANKARD - Tet Boy - Max Frost

DINNIS TROPHY - Tet Junior Girls - Charlotte Hicks

HICKERY CUP - Tet Most Improved - Phoebe Frost

DAZZLE MEMORIAL CUP - Tri Most Improved - Kensa Benallick


MOST IMPROVED RUN - Annelie Jamma Ben M'Hand

MOST IMPROVED SHOOT - Florence Scard-Morgan

MAYFLY PLATE - Consistency in 2015 - Evie Baker & Horatio



AREA SHAKERLY CUP - Show Jumping - Amy Flannagan

SPRINGTIME WINNIE THE POOH CUP - Novice Area Horse Trials - Max Frost

MASTER MIX CUP - Best Area Intermediate - Amy Blake

BEST VETERAN - Dweeby & Rosie Busby

ECHPC SECRETARY AWARD - Most Helpful & Enthusiastic Member - Milly Bersey

BYLES CUP - Overall Branch Achievement - Emma Melhuish


Max Frost,  Charlotte Hicks, Amy Flannagan & Emma Melhuish

GREAT NEWS........


Team Show Jumping - SDW

Great day out for east Cornwall Team Showjumping. - we had 4 teams there, where 19 teams entered, so a busy day. Fantastic team spirit and great riding - as I left the lady on the gate commended on our polite and positive spirit! 

Abi Baker Flo Wickham, Holly Hale, Katherine Coleman came 3rd  with Phoebe Frost, Macy Phillips, Steph Bennison and Annalie coming 5th.   Katie Flanagan came 4th individually. 

For those not placed you all rode well! 

Thank you all for coming and doing such a great job of representing your club!


Welcome to two new members Amalie Rundle (age 5) and Bethany Rundle (age 3) We hope you enjoy ECHPC



To download the schedule, please click on the link



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Christmas Show Jumping Results

We had a fantastic day at Duchy College on 28th Dec for our Christmas SJ event.  It was extremely well attended and the competition was strong.  The results were as follows:

Class 1 - 1ft 4:  1st Anabella Smith, 2nd Erin Voyzey, 3rd Tegan Greenaway, 4th Kensa Cameron, 5th Florence Scard Morgan, 6th Bryony Wilkes

Class 2 - 2ft Pairs: 1st Erin Voyzey & Rosie Busby, 2nd Millie  & Phoebe Frost, 3rd Holly Hale & Tiggy Paton, 4th Milly Bersey & Tegan Holdaway, 5th Ella Glennon & Tegan Greenaway, 6th Bryony Wilkes & Bethany Stephens

Class 3 - 2ft:  1st Mille Frost, Megan Busby, 3rd Isobel Thomas, 4th Tamsyn Morris, 5th Beth Stephens, 6th Florence Scard Morgan

Class 4 - 2ft4 Pairs:  1st Macy Simpson & Katie Flanagan, 2nd Tamsyn Morris & Beth Pyzer, 3rd Sydney Bond & Isobel Thomas, 4th Holly Hale & Beth Whitton, 5th Georgina Steed & Molly Husbands, 6th Megan Busby & Phoebe Frost

Class 5 - 2ft 6:  1st Flo Wickham, 2nd Annalie Jamma Ben M'Hand, 3rd Beth Pyzer, 4th Evie Baker, 5th Macie Simpson, 6th Katie Flanagan

Class 6 - 2ft 6 Rescue Relay:  1st Tilly Bassett & Megan Busby, Evie Baker & Flo Wickham, Phoebe Frost & Max Frost, 4th Katie Flanagan & Macy Simpson, 5th Ellie Garland & Annalie Jamma Ben M'Hand, 6th Tilly Bassett & Abi Baker

Class 7 - 2ft 9:  1st Tilly Bassett, 2nd Katie Flanagan, 3rd Ellie Garland, 4th Flo Wickham, 5th Megan Busby, 6th Demelza Morris

Class 8 - 3ft:  1st Ollie Bassett, 2nd Amy Blake, 3rd Freya Donaghy, 4th Ellie Pitman, 5th Abi Baker, 6th Ellie Garland

Class 9 - 3ft 3:  1st Ollie Bassett, 2nd Ellie Pitman, 3rd Amy Blake

Thank you to all for your support, to Lucy Thomas for organising and running the event so well, to Margaret for Judging and to all parents who helped in any way throughout the day.


Remember that super Montage that Kaggs Baker put together last year......well, she has agreed to do it again for us. So.....please can you get your pictures/short video clips to her URGENTLY (no later than 15th Jan 2016), to give her time to work her magic. Please send no more that 3 pieces. The email address to send them to is kaggsb14@outlook.com. EXCITED AT SEEING THE FINISHED PROJECT!!!!

C+ Test Results

After many weeks of stable management training and one ridden session, we are able to congratulate the following members for passing their C+ test:

Ollie Bassett, Abi Cox, Abi Baker, Ellie Garland, Katie Martin, Maddy Lee and Max Frost

Many thanks to Jo Retallick for putting up with them during the training sessions and also to Alison and Russel Melhuish for providing the training facilities and their time to enable the test to take place. 

Cotley Triathlon

Four East Cornwall members competed at Wellington last weekend.

Millie and Hattie competed in the mixed mini class, Millie had a super run and Hattie a super swim they were both in a mixed team that finished 2nd with Hattie gaining an amazing individual 2nd place too.

Will competed in the mini boys class and like his sister did a great swim gaining an individual 6th place and 1st in a mixed team.

Phoebe made the big step into Junior girls where all three phases are more difficult than in the mini class. She did a great run and swim just missing out on being placed. Phoebe was in a mixed team that finished in 2nd place. This is a great achievement for her first competition at this level and defiantly one to watch in the future.

Well done everyone.


Well done to all the Juniors that attended the Test Day on Saturday.  They were all turned out beautifully and were well prepared for their test.  Pat really put them through their paces and made it quite tough for the little ones, but they rose to the challenge and passed!  Congratulations to all!

E Test:  Oliver Humphrey and Sophie Long

D Test:  Ava O'Brien and Sophie Long

D+ Test:  Daisy Swain, Tiggy-Lou Witton, Faith Davey, China Bunyard, Kensa Cameron, Annabella Smith, Isabel Humphrey and Bethany Witton

Fantasic Fun at Saltash Leisure Centre

On Saturday 21st November the Pony Club had their 2nd Annual Inflatable session at Saltash Leisure Centre.  It was a really well attended with over 30 children (members and siblings) from young to old!  They all had a great time with some of them getting very competitive on the obstacle course - mentioning no names!!!!  All the different ages mixed very well together, which made the event a great success.  Same again next year?

North Cornwall PC Team Show Jumping

Thank you so much to all the team members who came to team show jumping today, you were all FAB! Some very spirited riding, a lot of personal milestones and above all great team spirit.  Special mention should go to Isobel Turner who rode a couple of smashing rounds, Ella Glennon who said she was going to fly in the timed round and she did!  Tiggy Paton and Holly Hale some awesome riding. Super double clears from Millie Frost, Holly Reid, Annalie, Evie and Abi Baker, Flo Wickham (apologies if I left anyone out). Phoebe Frost had a great time with Jeffery, jumping an extra fence after the finish in the first round! Thank you to Chris Hale for bringing the lovely Zola to fill a space and to Evie Baker for juming her - just one cheeky stop but thankfully Evie has a sticky bottom so stayed on!  A great day all round, but watch out I am just uploading the next one!  Please look on the website to get yourself booked in!

Stars - Tiggy Paton, Millie Frost, Megan Busby and Abi Baker - 9th

Stripes - Evie Baker on the lovely Zola, Holly Reid, Annalie and Phoebe Frost on Roxy - 8th

Spades - Holly Hale, Rosie Busby, Evie Baker and Flo Wickham - 4th




East Cornwall had a fantastic day at the Lamerton triathlon at the weekend with four competitors qualifying for the National Tri at Milton Keynes in March.

Max, Annelie,Phoebe and Charlotte all fought off tough competition to gain a place at the Championships.

Ella competed in her first biathlon and came ninth in her class and first in the team, a great start for such a young competitor.

Hattie, Florence and Millie all competed in the mixed minimus class with Millie also coming ninth. Hattie had a super day scoring second in the shoot gaining best swim and finishing second overall. She was also the highest placed girl in the class.

Kensa, Phoebe and Annelie all had to shoot on turning targets for the first time and did a super job! Phoebe scored 900 and claimed best shoot and came second in the strong mini girls class and Annelie was third.

Will was our only entry in the mini boy class finishing in sixth place.

Max had a good day securing fourth place in the junior boy class. This class is always very competitive. 

Charlotte also had a good day with best shoot and swim, winning the junior girl class.

Max, Annelie and Will also won a fourth place in the team event.

A huge well done to all competitors who had to run in really tough conditions due to the overnight rain and they all posted great times.

Road Rider Test Results

Congratulations to Evie Baker, Reanne Chapman, Annabella Smith, Tamsyn Morris and Tiggy Paton for passing their Road Rider test at the weekend. Well done all of you!

Road Rider & C Test Results

Sadly, due to the bad weather the Road Rider test had to be cancelled, but will be rescheduled in due course.  Luckily the weather improved, so the C test was able to go ahead.  Congratulations to Evie Baker, Milly Bearsey and Reanne Chapman on successfully passing their C Test.  Well done girls!

Combined Training

A fantastic day was had by all the Combined Training Event held at Duchy College on 30/10/15.  We had 36 entries which is brilliant.  The weather stayed kind, with only light rain in the morning.  It was a very well organised event, so massive thanks to Lucy Thomas for all her hard work in bringing it together.  Also a massive thank you to Gail Hooper and Zoe Barwell for giving up their time to Judge the dressage and the jumping.  It was obvious the children had been practising their tests as the scores were close, but the SJ certainly sorted the men from the boys with only 7 clear rounds through out the day as the course was tough.

Results for Combined Training

Class 1:  40cm

1st:  Ella Glennon (31.33), 2nd:  Hannah Bragg (34.66), 3rd:  Kizzie Witton (35.33), 4th:   Tiggy-Lou Witton (36.00), 5th: Daisy Swain (39.00) and 6th: Ava O'Brien (52.6)  Best Dressage:  Ella Glennon

Class 2:  60cm

1st:  Teggen Greenaway (39.00), 2nd:  Ellie Wright (40.87), 3rd:   Erin Voyzey (48.04), Holly Hale, 5th:  Lizzie Aggiss and 6th:  Honor Farley, Best Dressage:  Holly Hale

Class 3:  70cm

1st:  Phoebe Frost (39.2), 2nd:  Sydney Bond (39.45), 3rd:  Tamsyn Morris (40.29), 4th:  Ellie Wright (46.16), 5th:  Millie Frost (49.9), 6th:  Lizzie Aggiss, Best Dressage:  Sydney Bond

Class 4:  75cm

1st:  Freya Donaghy (28.2), 2nd:  Tilly Bassett (32.8), 3rd:  Isobel Thomas (34.0), 4th:  Sydney Bond (36.2), 5th:  Macy Simpson, Best Dressage:  Sydney Bond

Class 5:  85cm

1st:  Freya Donaghy (29.6), 2nd:  Tilly Bassett (35.8), 3rd:  Georgina Steed (42.0), 4th:  Harriet Congdon (42.2), 5th:  Demelza Morris (42.4), 6th:  Macy Simpson (48.8), 7th:  Stephanie Bennison (49.8), Best Dressage:  Freya Donaghy

Class 6: 95cm

1st:  Zoe Congdon (35.46), 2nd:  Oliver Bassett (37.16), 3rd:  Poppy Pearn (39.29), 4th:  Max Frost (47.83), Best Dressage:  Poppy Pearn

Well done to all that competed and supported the club.

Side Saddle Demo and Taster Session

Yesterday our club experienced a unique & special event, our wonderful club secretary, Julia Bassett arranged a Side Saddle Clinic.  Pippa Morrell-Davies & Alison Melhuish each brought along one of their own horses, and in full dress, gave the children (& parents!) a lovely informative demonstration.  The children were given advice on what the saddles differences are, how to sit properly, what kind of horse/pony is best suitable, the correct dress code & riding etiquette.  Henrietta Morrel-Davies, Pippa's daughter & member of our club, has been riding side-saddle since she was seven, also rode in full dress, proving to be an extremely accomplished side-saddle rider, showing a lovely canter on both reins.  Alison also treated us to a display of The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, who saw action in the First World War, with our very own DC Margret Best playing a role in full dress!

It was also arranged that a few of our own pony club ponies were brought along to actually ride side-saddle!  Liz Turner was extremely kind in bringing along a range of saddles which in turn were fitted to the ponies, and after each pony was walked for a short time to get used to the feel of the side-saddle, each child was given an opportunity to ride.  An amazing experience & feeling, there was lots of concentrating & happy grinning alike!

Side-saddle riding is the most elegant, stylish & truly lady-like way to be on a horse, & with wonderful displays and demonstrations such as the one we have had today, hopefully the style will become even more popular!

Many, many thanks go to all who generously gave time, skills, costumes, horses & ponies, it was an amazing afternoon!

It was mentioned on the afternoon that Liz Turner loans out side-saddles, if you have any questions on this matter please contact Alison Melhuish 07886 512320.

Report by Marcia Voyzey.

Spooners Triathlon

Eight East Cornwall members competed in the first of the Winter triathlons. Millie and Hattie did really well in the mixed mini class with Millie running a super fast time of 4.23 and Hattie swimming over 4.5 lengths to claim the best swim in this class and fourth place.

Macey, Phoebe,Kensa and Annelie competed in the strong mini girls class with amazing results. Macey did a super run and this was only her second tri, Phoebe also did a super run and swim gaining an incredible second place. Kensa had a fabulous day having personal best scores in all three phases, well done Kensa. Annelie also had a super fast run finishing in fith place.

Will was our only mini boy in a very strong class he had a good shoot, run and swim and finished just out of the placings this time.

Charlotte was also our only junior girl, gaining best shoot(1000), best run and best swim finishing in first place.

Our team, East Cornwall Minions, who were  Will, Phoebe, Annelie and Charlotte won the team event.

Well done to all members who took part today, you were amazing!

Eggesford Tetrathlon

Three East Cornwall members competed  in the last tetrathlon of the season held at Okehampton and  Southcott.

Phoebe Frost competed in the mini girls class with a 820 shoot, a super fast run and swam nearly 5 lengths. She finished the first day in 5th place. Macy Simpson also competed in the same class, this was Macy's first tetrathlon and she was amazing! Scoring 640 in the shoot, a fantastic run and swim. Max Frost completed the East Cornwall team in the junior boys class with a shoot score of 880, running 1500 in 5.34 and swam 7.5 lengths. Max again swept the board with best shoot, run and swim and secured a well deserved first place. The East Cornwall team came third.

In the riding phase Phoebe and Macy both rode super clear rounds but were heavily penalised for missing a marker flag. Max also had a super clear with the amazing Roxy to claim first place for all phases. Well done Max.

The next Triathlon is at Launceston on 15th November and is an area qualifier for the National tri at Milton Keynes. If you would like to have a go or would like more information please contact Kathy Treleaven.


Congratulations to Harriet Mithchell on passing the Riding Section of her B test.  Very well done!


There is currently a problem with the "Events" page on this website.  It has been reported to the Web Administrator and is currently being investigated.  Please bear with us! Thankyou.


Open Show Jumping Competition

To download the schedule for ECHPC Open Team SJ Competition on 25th October 2015 at Duchy College, please click on the link below.


Super Pony Results

Class 1. 

1st Sophia Ackland 2nd Josie Jackson 3rd Fluer Jackson

Class 2.

1st Tamsyn Morris 2nd Erinn Voyzey 3rd Rosie Busby 4th Holly Reid 5th Scarlet Gould 6th Isobel Humphery 7th Annabella Smith 8th Faith Davey 9th Kensa Cameron

Class 3.

1st Georgina Steed 2nd Poppy Pearn 3rd Demelza Morris 4th Isobel Thomas 5th Evie Baker 6th Freya Donaghy 7th Georgina Steed 8th Tilly Bassett 9th Sydney Bond 10th Megan Busby 



The committee are meeting next week to discuss the winter programme so more events will be bookable very soon!

New Member

Welcome to Reanne Chapman who is our latest new member. Have a great time with ECHPC Reanne. 


The sun shone for team SJ last weekend organised by spooners pony club.  This is always a very friendly event and we were well represented with 5 teams covering every class.  We had some great results and very spirited riding and wonderful team spirit.  Our team in class 1 had a couple of riders who were still very new to competing so well done Kizzy and Tiggy-Lou Witton came 2nd, Class 2 saw Erin Voyzey and Isabel Humphrey completing their first 2ft 3 round of jumping and did so well they came 1st!

We had 2 teams in class 3.  Macy Phillips and Annelie Jamma Ben M'hand having double clears in this and class 2 - our teams were 2nd and 4th.

The rescue relay saw a lot of our members having fun and riding as fast as they could, which clearly paid of with members coming 4th, 5th and 6th.

The last class, with the 2nd round being 3ft was challenging, but a great double clear from Beth Coggon.  Evie Baker just had one pole down and our team came 2nd.  Thank you to all who came.


So that's the summer program done!  And once again a massive turn out for one of the most popular events of the year (33 Members) - SUPER PONY 2015.  Well done to all who attended. I hope a great day was had by all, the weather was on our side and all our members scrubbed up well.

A massive thank you to Jane Barnes and Sharon Peter our tack and turnout judges.

Also a huge thank you to Lynn Bennalick and Tracey Cudleigh, without them there wouldn't be an event.

So...without further a do.... I can announce our winners are......... Drum roll........

Sophia Ackland and Tribble in the lead rein
Tamsyn Morris and Misty 10yrs and under
Georgina Steed and Fudge 10-15yrs

Congratulations to all who attended...Photos from Graham Hatch Photography will be online soon.


Two East Cornwall members competed at this event at the weekend. Florence Scard-Morgan had an amazing day scoring 580 in her shoot, and after another competitor caused a false start in the swimming still manage to swim nearly 3 lengths. Florence's run has improved immensely and ran a tough course in just under 5 minutes. She finished the triathlon in 6th place. Charlotte Hicks competed in the tetrathlon that runs over both days. She scored 960 in the shoot, ran 1500m in 5.32 and swam 9 lengths. She had the highest score in all three phases earning her best shoot, run and swim. At the end of the first day she was 491 points ahead of second place! The XC was held at Hendra Paul, Newquay and despite the weather forecast the ground was perfect. Charlotte and Wallie had a great round over the testing 90cm course to win the 2 day competition. 

The last tetrathlon of the year will be held at Okehampton and Southcott on 4th & 5th October, if you are interested in having a go please contact Kathy. 






Welcome to Bryone Wilkes who is our latest new member, we hope you have a great time with us! 

Mothecombe Beach Ride

After another day of foul Cornish Weather, the sun came out just in time for the evening beach ride.  15 ponies and their riders ventured to Mothecombe for a blast on the beach.  Many braved the sea temperatures and went for a swim, whilst others raced up and down the sands and through the river.  Brave parents waded through the river, not all managing to keep the water out of their wellies, the sensible ones deciding to go bare foot!

A fantastic evening - nothing beats the sound of thundering hooves across sand or the splash of water as kids galloped through the sea and river on their water horses.

Thanks to Margaret Best for keeping a watchful eye over the evening and nobody got stranded across the river this year.

Report by Chris Hale

PC Championships 2015

Amy Flanagan and her pony Max qualified for the first time for the Novice Individual Show Jumping at Chomondley Castle in Cheshire.  Despite it being an awfully long way - WOW - what an experience.  We only stayed one night but it is an enormous set up with events running over 5 days from Dressage to Eventing, Polocrosse and Mounted games.  600 temporary stables are put up, 3 Show Jumping rings, 6 Dressage Arenas, a Mounted Games Field, a Polocrosse Field and trade stands.  When we arrived we saw people unloading bicycles - I now know why!  You certainly do a lot of walking!

The novice SJ started with a 95cm course for the first round and 1m for the second.  There was then a jump off against the clock for anyone jumping a double clear.  Out of a field of 78 competitors, only 13 jumped off.  Amy and Max jumped really well but knocked a pole in the second round on a large spread that was as wide as it was high.

It was an incredible experience and well worth the long drive.  Whatever your preferred discipline go for the area qualifiers and try to get to the Championships. :)


Amy Flanagan has just been collected early from camp to make the long journey to Cheshire to represent ECHPC in the Novice SJ Championships.  She will be jumping a course 90/95cm in a massive class of over 70.

Emma Melhuish is competing in the Open Eventing as an Individual Jumping in excess of 1.10. 

 We wish you both the very best of luck and look forward to hearing how you do very soon.


Max Frost and Charlotte Hicks travelled the long journey to Bishop Burton College in Yorkshire last weekend to compete in the Tetrathlon Championships.

The competition started on Friday with the swimming, Max swam 7.21 lengths and Charlotte swam 8.22. They then moved onto the next phase which is the shoot. Max shot 860 and Charlotte scored 960. With the riding taking place on day two they then went off to walk the XC course. There were mentors available to walk the course with the competitors to help them to take good lines through the tricky combination fences. This support proved invaluable as the course was well built with lots of questions for horse and rider. Max and Roxy had a superb clear round in a very fast time gaining maximum marks. Charlotte and Wallie also had a good round but collected a few faults going into the wood. The final phase, the run, was held on day three. This was a flat course but was run in long grass so was very hard going on the legs. Max and Charlotte both ran amazingly finishing in a time of 5.39 (Max) and 5.44 (Charlotte). Max finished in 21st place and Charlotte in 20th. Max was also in an area 16 team which finished in 5th place. A huge well done to both competitors you were both brilliant.

We would really like to send a team to the Champs next year so if you think you would like to give tetrathlon a go please contact Kathy.

Junior Camp 2015

Another super successful Pony Club Camp at Trewolland for 18 of our Intermediate Juniors.  The weather was a little wet, but that didn't dampen the spirits of our campers.  Lots of achievements were made across the groups and I hope you all had an amazing time.  The winners were as follows:  Stable Management - Sydney Bond, Most Improved - Lizzie Aggiss and Best Pony - Kenza Benallick with Billy Bob.  Once again a massive thank you to Alison and Russell for the use of the facilities, Emma and Danni for holding it all together (and doing an amazing job) and all the instructors for their hard work.  Roll on 2016!

End of PPC Season 2015

ECHPC competed in their Final competition this season at Okehampton Show and they really went out in style.  6 teams competed - 2 from Dulverton, 2 from South Devon West and 2 from East Cornwall and the competition was tough from the start.  The conditions were wet and slippery, but both EC teams rode the best I have ever seen.  EC Blues (Tilly Bassett, Katie Flanagan, Milly Bersey, Demelza Morris and Megan Busby) cam consistently middle of the table with a couple of wins, which seeing as they are all new to Seniors/the games was a massive achievement.  EC Diamonds (Phoebe Frost, Oli Bassett, Katie Martin and Amy Flanagan) also did an amazing job.  Over the season they have been running neck and neck against SDW, but today they really pulled it out of the bag, even winning a couple of the races against the very experienced team of Dulverton.  The top 3 teams were only 3 points apart throughout the whole competition, so it was very tense until the end. 

The final race was 2 flag and EC Diamonds were a whole length ahead of Dulverton when Oli, the last rider out, entered the playing field to seal the win.  Unfortunately competitive spirit got the better of him and he had a nasty fall when Midnight fell on top of him as he returned to correct the mistake.  A visit to A&E confirmed no broken bones, but bruised pride.  Even with this drama, EC Diamonds came 3rd and EX Blues came 4th.

A wonderful end to a very competitive season.

Well done to all who have competed over the year and we hope to see as many of you Pros return, along with some newbe's to fill the gaps of those moving on.  A massive thank you to Sarah Martin for her support and training, Marcia Voyzey and of course all the parents.

New Members

Welcome to Tilly Waters and Katie Bunney we hope you have a fantastic time with ECHPC 

Pony Club Camp Mini & Junior

Well, that's the first 2 Camps completed for the Mini's and the Juniors and from what I hear they had a ball!  The weather was good to them, except the Bolt of lightning out of the blue, which scared, ponies, children and adults alike, but no damage done.  The children were fantastic and I hope they have learnt a lot about caring for their ponies, cleaning their tack and keeping their tents tidy (haha).  A big well done to you all especially Rosie Busby for winning the "Stable Management Award", Fleur Jackson for winning "Most Improved" and Faith Davey with Prince for "Best Pony".  A big thank you to all the Senior helpers, Instructors, Emma and Daniella and of course Alison & Russell for letting us use their facility.  Feel free to put photos and stories of your time at camp on the ECHPC FB page.

Area Dressage St Leonards

The weather was kinder at the Area Dressage held at St Leonards in Launceston on 1st August 2015.  We had an amazing 23 members entered, being 5 teams and 3 individuals - what a wonderful way for the club to be represented! 

Isobel Sutton entered the Walk/Trot test and was placed a very well deserved 7th.  2 teams and 1 individual entered the Junior competition.  it was clear that the Dressage Training with Caroline Will had paid off as all the Dressage Divas were amazing.  Temas were placed 5th and 7th, with our younger members getting the 5th place - Millie Frost, Erin Voyzey, Rosie Busby and Holly Reid.

There were a whopping 16 teams in the Novice section and our 3 teams did exceptionally well.  Theams were placed 3rd, 7th and 11th, so just missing out on qualification.  There were also individual placings for Abi Baker (3rd), Ellie Pitman (4th), Ellie Robinson (5th) and Hattie Congdon (6th).  All members were beautifully turned out.  Well done to all those who took part.

On this note we have managed to secure more Clare Deithrick lessons for the winter programme, so keep an eye on the website as spaces as always are limited!


Rosie Busby, Isabelle Sutton and Florence Scard Morgan took part in the D Day run by North Cornwall at Knightswood Equestrian Centre.  It was an excellent venue and a lovely friendly event.  The competitors and supporters enthusiasm wasn't dampened despite  the downpour in the afternoon!  They all performed well in the dressage with Rosie gaining the best score in her class, riding Abbie (Megans Pony), in one of their first events together. 

The Show Jumping was very professional with colourful wings and fillers.  Isabelle had an unfortunate 4 faults and Rosie and Florence jumped clear.  The all managed a clear XC which was very impressive considering the conditions had deteriorated by this stage.

Rosie won her class with Isabelle coming second.  Florence was second in her class too - Well done girls - great job!

It was a very enjoyable but soggy day!

The next event similar to this is the Novice ODE which will be run by our own club on 27th August in Pillaton.  Now availbe to book online.

PPC at the Yealmpton Show

Well done to ECHPC PPC teams today at the Yealmpton Show . EC Diamonds (Max Frost, Amy Flanagan, Katie Martin & Oliver Bassett) finally managed to beat SDW (by 4 Points) to win and get the all imortant Gallop up the ring! EC Whites (Megan Busby, Tilly Bassett, Katie Flanagan, Milly Bersey and Phoebe Frost) came a well deserved 3rd with only 2 points between 2nd and 3rd place. Next showdown Okehampton Show on 13th August

Area Show Jumping Qualifiers

A very early start (4.30 for many!!) for immaculate plaited ponies and riders, parents and supporters, we drove through torrential rain and deep puddles to arrive at the hosting venue by close to 7.30am.

Due to the advers weather conditions, the organisers decided that the Tack and Turnout competition would not run and that the Novice Competition would only have 1 round rather than the usual 2.  By the time the first of the 15 teams had jumped, i think everyone was soaked to the skin....but suffice to say all the ECHPC Teams did us proud!!!

Every single member rode confidently and deliberately in worsening conditions and despite a few poles rolling, not a single refusal between them and each memener left the ring smiling :)!

Our Novice teams came away with with some very credible results - 4th after a full team Jump Off (Ellie Robinson, Amy Flanagan, Ellie Pitman and Zoe Congdon), 6th (Max Frost, Grace Benallick, Katie Martin and Phoebe Frost) and 10th (with a team of 3 for Maddie Lee, Hattie Congdon and Demelza Morris).  Particular credit must go to Amy Flanagan who was placed 4th individually and qualified for the PC National Championships and also to Grace Benallick who was placed 10th.  Both had double clear rounds!

By the time our intermediate competitiors arrived the rain had stopped and the sun was shining!  Competing as just a team of 3 (Amy Blake, Isabelle Joce and Harriet Mitchell) again proved that ECHPS meant business and after the first round were equal 1st place with a combined total of just 4 faults.  Unfortunately luck was not with them in the second round, with a rew poles rolling meant they finished in 3rd place.

To complete the day, our Solo competitor Amy Benallick finished the day in the same way it had begun, with determination and good riding, resulting in her finishing 2nd as an individual and also qualifying her for the PC Championships!

Good Luck and well done to Amy F and Amy B who will now represent ECHPC in Cheshire towards the end of August!

Finally, a big thank you to Sandra Jones who spent the day giving all our members the benefit of her advice from Course Walking, to working in and to standing nervously as every memebr jumped!

Spooners and West Dartmoor Tri and tet

Three EC members competed at Mount Kelly this weekend. Florence Scard-Morgan, who was in the mixed mini class, had a great shoot, run and swim. Florence was not placed on this occasion but contributed to the EC team who came 4th. Phoebe Frost also had a good day with a good shoot and an amazing run to finish second in a strong mini girls class. Charlotte won the Junior Girls class with best shoot, swim and run. Phoebe and Charlotte completed the tet with the XC ride, both having clear rounds and both being placed first in their class. Well done girls.

Max Frost and Charlotte Hicks will be heading to the Tetrathlon Championships at Bishop Burton in August.


Many congratulations to Emma Melhuish who has qualified for the the Pony Club Open Horse Trials Championships after competing this weekend at Treborough.  Emma was the only Area 16 members to qualify.  She had a good dressage and had a double clear over a very tough SJ and XC course.  Well done Emma, we look forward to following your progress at the Champs!  Best of Luck!

Area ODE - Lanhydrock 12/07/2015

Once again, we had a fantastic entry from ECHPC in the Area ODE hosted at Lanhydrock by North Cornwall PC.  It was a very challenging day due the amount of rain which made the ground very slippery!

Amy Blake competed in the intermediate class, we entered 2 teams in the Novice class and had 2 teams and one individual in the Pre Novice Class.  We had very good dressage scores from Hattie Congdon, Phoebe Frost, Ellie Robinson, and Grace Benallick in the Novice and Beth Pyzer, Bethany Coggon and Charlotte Hicks in the Pre Novice.

Due to the rain, the Showjumping course proved very tricky as it was slippery and uneven, but well done to Tilly Bassett and Beth Pyzer for getting clear rounds.

The Cross Country Course was up to height and very technical.  There were excellent clear rounds from a good number of members, particularly Demelza Morris whose pony had slipped in the Show Jumping.  Unfortunately, neither of the Novice teams were placed, but Max Frost was place 6th Individually.  Well done Max!

The Pre Novice teams had a number of our younger member, who rode exceptionally well in the XC phase.  Tilly Bassett had an unfortunate fall, landing on top of the fence, but recovered well!  The teams were place 3rd and 4th with super individual results for Lucie Jones (3rd) and Abi Baker (6th) in one arena and Isobel Thomas (3rd) and Evie Baker (6th) in the other!  Very well done to Lucie, Isobel and Evie for clear rounds in both the SJ and XC phase.

Once again It was lovely to see the club so well represented.

Strangles Outbreak on Bodmin Moor

Following the recent confirmation of the "Strangles Outbreak" on Bodmin Moor, please find below information that may be useful - just click on the "Download" link.


Strangles Outbreak on Bodmin Moor

Following the recent confirmation of the "Strangles" Outbreak on Bodmin Moor, please follow the "Download" link below to find out more.....


New Members

Wow we have 7 new members! A warm welcome to Lizzie Aggiss, Bethany Witton, Josie Jackson, Edie Childs and Sofia Ackland. 

We also welcome Annabella Smith who has transferred to us from the Suffolk Hunt branch. 

We hope you all have an amazing time with us. 


Max Frost and Charlotte Hicks competed at the area Tetrathlon held at Launceston this weekend. Max had an amazing two days achieving best shoot, and best swim on the first day and then on the second day, after competing in the Prince Phillip Cup at Taunton in the morning, quickly travelled to St Leonards to ride and run! Max rode really well over the testing course as there were several tricky combinations and the ground was very slippery following a nasty thunderstorm, resulting in a clear round inside the time. Max then had to complete the four phases by running 1500m that weaved around the xc course. Max also achieved best run and ride to wipe the board and qualify for the Championships held in Yorkshire in August. Well done Max a huge achievement. Charlotte also had a good day scoring best shoot and had a PB in her swim. On the second day Charlotte achieved best run but a mistake on the cross country dropped her to 5th place. 

PPC ZONE FINALS - Taunton Race Course

It was an early start for everyone especially our senior members and parents, to be at Taunton Racecourse for an 8.45 tack inspection.  As always, we were impeccably turned out.  The competition was tough and fast and we tried our best, but it wasn't quite enough, with our Seniors being placed 12th.

The Juniors Tack and turnout inspection was quite literally a washout, 30 minutes torrential downpour did not help anyone's ability to stay clean!, but I am proud to say that East Cornwall did not let themselves or their club down in any way.  Again the Prince Philip Cup Zone Final is tough and our juniors did really well within their heats, but each time, just not quite enough to get to the final heat to gain the bigger points.  The Juniors placed 9th.

I am so proud of each of our children, the dedication to practice time, the work involved, learning each race, the fun and laughter, thrills'n'spills along the way, some frustration and disappointment, but most importantly the friendships with each other and their ponies is a joy to watch and one and can't wait for next year!  A huge thank you to all the dedicated parents and our wonderful trainer Sarah Martin - THANK YOU!


2 Teams from ECHPC will be completing in the Zone Finals this Sunday at Taunton Race Course.  The Seniors (Max, Ollie, Katie, Amy and Phoebe) and the Juniors (Megan, Macie, Annelie, Freya and Scarlett) will be battling it against other clubs in the South West, hoping to qualify for the championships in August.  We would like to wish them all the very best of luck and look forward to seeing the results!

South Devon Moorland TETRATHLON

Two members from EC competed at this two day event. Florence Scard-Morgan competed in the mixed mini class, having a good shoot and run and also swimming almost 3 lengths which is a PB for Florence. Charlotte Hicks competed in the Junior girls class claiming best shoot, run and swim. Florence finished the first day in 8th place and Charlotte won her class. This was Florence's first tetrathlon and she did a super job in the XC section, although she did not get a clear round she completed the course and had a great time. Charlotte completed the XC to finish the two days in first place. The next tetrathlon is 18th & 19th July, this will be available for booking soon.

Royal Cornwall Show PPC Results by Marcia Voyzey

On a sunny, windy Friday on 5th June 2015 at 5.30 in Ring 2, our 2 Senior Prince Philip Teams competed in the Cornish Mounted Games Championships.  it was an understandably exciting event and even the calmer ponies felt the excitement too!.  So, after our fantastic coach, Sarah Martin, tool the teams off to run through a few last minute games changes, the ponies and riders began to look a little more relaxed and focused.

The arena was organised and I would like to thank Juliette Flanagan, Amanda Frost & Cathy Busby for giving their time to assist.

The first race, Postmans, started and our more senior team, the Diamonds came 1st!  What a great start.  The pace was set and what an impressive pace it was too!  The Diamonds came 1st in several races.  The Clubs, or other senior team also did very well indeed, holding their own brilliantly, until the last few races where the placings just slipped away from them.

The Diamonds did extremely well and pipped to 1st place by just 2 points!

The final placings were as follows:

Dulverton (West) North Molton - 44 Points

East Cornwall Diamonds - 42 Points

South Devon West - 25 Points

Four Burrow Hunt - 24 Points

East Cornwall Clubs - 18 Points

WELL DONE TO EVERYONE - ECHPC is proud of each and every one of you.



For those of you who completed at the RC Show on Friday, the photos can now be viewed at www.jayphotos.co.uk


PPC at the Royal Cornwall Show

Good luckto the following members who will be representing ECHPC at the Royal Cornwall Show tomorrow in a demonstration/competition, showing the skills they have learnt in PPC over the past months. 

The demonstration will be held in ring 2 at 5.30, so if you are at the show, please come and cheer them on!

Oli Bassett, Max Frost, Katie Martin, Amy Flanagan and Phoebe Frost

Tilly Bassett, Katie Flanagan, Milly Bersey, Demelza Morris and Megan Busby


Last weekend Max Frost and Charlotte Hicks travelled to Moreton Morrell to the Junior Regional Tetrathlon. Max had a good shoot of 800, swam 7 lengths and 8 meters, and ran in a time of 5 mins 55 seconds. Charlotte also had a good shoot of 980, swam 8 lengths and 23 meters and also ran in a time of 5.55. The cross country course was quite technical with 4 tricky fences. Max rode brilliantly and finished on a score of 4003. Charlotte also had a great ride but due to a rider error dropped out of the placings and finished on a score of 3777. The course was tough and the horses and riders were asked to tackle fences  like they have never seen before. Well done to Max and Charlotte.

Half Term Tetrathalon

During the half term Max and Phoebe Frost and Charlotte Hicks competed in the Inter Area Tetrathlon held at Bicton Park. All had a really successful two days, Max had a super fast run and good shoot . Roxy also had a great time on the cross country course! Phoebe also posted a good swim and run and Flash did not disappoint on the cross country despite a two hour hold up on the course. Phoebe finished just out of placings in a strong mini girls class. Charlotte also had a good day scoring 1000 shoot a good swim and run and Wallie really enjoyed the cross country, Charlotte ended the two days in second place.


Thankyou to all who attended and helped at ECHPC's ODE at Merrymeet today. The weather got better as the day went on and i hope that all enjoyed the day. All the results will be uploaded to the website in the next couple of days.

Congratulations to:

Macie Simpson (1st), Tamsyn Morris (2nd), Kensa Cameron (4th), Holly Reid (6th), Florence Scard Morgan (8th) in Class 1

Isobel Thomas (1st), Stephanie Bennison (3rd), Katie Flanagan (4th), Megan Busby (5th) in Class 2

Jasmine Hembrow (2nd) and Georgina Steed (7th) in Class 3

Lucie Jones (2nd), Beth Coggon (=3rd) in Class 4

Isabelle Joce (3rd) in Class 5

Zoe Congdon (4th), Katie Martin (5th), Louisa Flemming (6th) and Amy Blake (8th) in Class 6

Full results will be uploaded shortly.


National Tetrathlon

National Tetrathlon Championships 

Good luck to Max Frost and Charlotte Hicks who are competing for the South West Region at this weekends championships near London. They have both been invited to represent the South West so this is a massive achievement in itself! 


Huge congratulations to all who took part in the Area PPC Competition today, run by Eggesford Pony Club.  Entries were down this year in the Senior section, but EC did very well, with EC Diamonds (Amy Flanagan, Oli Bassett, Max Frost, Katie Martin and Phoebe Frost) coming 1st in the Tack and Turnout (Well done Parents).  They also came 2nd in the competition (missing out by a measly 2 points), qualifying them for the Zone Finals. 

The Spades (Tilly Bassett, Shakira Duffy, Demelza Morris, Katie Flanagan and Milly Bearsey), came 3rd in T&T and 3rd in the comp.  Both Senior teams qualify to ride in the PPC Display held at the RC Show on 5th June at 6.00pm.

The Junior section was better supported with 6 teams competing.  EC Hearts came 2nd in the T&T (again - well done parents).  There were a few chaotic moments, but EC kept their cool, with the EC Hearts (Erin Voyzey, Rosie Busby, Tiggy Whitton, Milly Frost and Tamsyn Morris), coming a very respectable 3rd and the EC Clubs (Megan Busby, Macie Phillips, Annelie, Freya Donaghy and Scarlett Gould), coming 1st!

A big thank you to Sarah and Marcia for all the training and to the parents for giving up their Monday evening since Jan to make this possible.  Now, with 5 new races to learn for the Zones, best start training again!!!!


Pony sized numnahs now back in stock


Lyneham House Team SJ

ECHPC were very well presented at the Team SJ run by Dartmoor Hunt PC on 4th May 2015 at Lyneham House.  It was a very damp day, but with 7 teams from our club, plus a team of Mums and Grans - The Glamorous Oldies, we had a great day.  Lyneham House is renowned for it's tough courses and this event did not dissappoint.  For many of our younger members, this was only their their 2nd or 3rd outing.  WE saw some great riding from all and lots of smiles!  In Class 1, we acheived a 5th and 6th,  a 4th in class 2, a 6th in class 3 and a 4th in class 5 with the Glamorous Olders winning the class!  We also had a win in class 6.

There was some fantastic riding all round in challenging, wet and slippery conditions.  Well done to Lucie Jones who got one of only 5 double clears in class 4.

There were also individual competitions and EC took 1st places in all classes 2ft3 to 3ft - well done to Katie Flanagan, Tilly Bassett, Freya Donaghy and Ellie Pitman.  Megan and Rosie Busby whizzed round the pairs coming 2nd.

Thank you to everyone who came and for being exceptionally well turned out.

ECHPC ODE - Results




4 East Cornwall members travelled to Wellington to compete in the shoot, run and swim event.

Isabell Sutton and Hattie Drake were in a very large class of mixed minis.

Hattie had a great shoot of 800 and a PB in her swim, managing an amazing 4 lengths and 5 meters.

Isabell and Hattie were in a mixed team that finished in 1st place.

Will Drake, who is a very consistant shooter, had a good shoot and a PB in the swim too, swimming 4 and a half lengths. Will was also in a mixed team who also came 1st.

Charlotte Hicks had a great day too with a 1000 shoot, a PB in her run and swim, finally managing to swim 9 lengths and almost running in under 5 mins.

Charlotte was awarded best shoot, run and swim and 1st place individually.
Well done East Cornwall a fantastic achievement.


Today, 4 teams from ECHPC, travelled to Ivybridge for a fun, friendly competition against South Devon West who brought 3 teams.  It was a really fun day and EC did a Fab Job.  All teams pulled it out of the bag and will certainely stand their own in the Area Competition being held at North Heale Farm on 17th May.  There was some fantastic riding  from Seniors and Juniors alike - so - keep up the good work!  With only 4 more practices before the competition - it is all to play for!


......to Bethan Wheeler (7) who was a winner on the PONY Mag Annual competition which was run before Christmas.  Bethan was delighted with her prize of of the PONY Mag Annual so contacted PONY Mag to let them know how useful it was when learning to tack up.  Well done Bethan from all ECHPC.


Please look in the What to Wear page for full details.......

Four Burrow ODE - Chyverton - 12th April 15

13 Members from EC attended the ODE run by Four Burrow on Sunday with some good results as follows:

Class 1 Section 1

Isobel Thomas on Lovely Crackle came 4th with Best Dressage

Evie Baker on Horatio Hornblower came 5th

Class 1 Section 2

Abi Cox came 1st on The Colour of Magic with Best Dressage

Beth Coggon came 2nd

Class 2

Abi Baker came 6th on Paddy

Class 3

Zoe Congdon came 2nd on Roulette

Ellie Robinson came 4th on Bella

Hattie Congdon got Best Dressage

Class 5

Harriet Mitchell came 5th on Standing Bear

There are some new combinations and young ponies within the group that entered, so fab results all round!

James rides in the Grand National

James Best, former East Cornwall member and Margaret's son rides Gas Line Boy in this Saturdays Grand National.

We wish James the best of luck and a safe trip over the massive national fences! 

ECHPC Team SJ Comp - 22nd March 2015

We had sunshine and an amazing turnout by members for our annual Team Show Jumping Competition , held at Duchy College on 22nd March 2015.  Visiting teams from Spooners, South Devon West, Lamerton and Dartmoor Hunt, all commented on how friendly everyone was - so that you all!

Having 28 teams in total, it was a busy day.  The first class gave our Junior Members an opportunity to compete for the 1st time.  All turned out exceptionally smart and there was some awesome riding and overcoming of nerves.

Kieran O'Brien, who kindly undertook the task of Hat and Tack inspection, commented that all the Clubs had turned out, both Pony and Rider to a very high Standard!

ECHPC did a fantastic job on the day winning 4 out of the 5 classes with SDW winning Class 1.

There was great team spirit and a lot of fun was had by all.

Oli Bassett gets a special mention for continuing in class 5, even after a nasty fall in the warm up arena.

Congratulations to all and thank you for doing your club proud.

James Rides the Grand National

James Rides in the Grand National

James rides in the Grand National

James rides in the Grand National

Four Burrow Tri and Tetrathlon

Three East Cornwall members competed at Truro on Saturday, Max Frost in the Junior boy class had a great swim and run to finish in an amazing 2nd place. Phoebe also had a great day scoring a great shoot and ran incredibly well in a strong mini girl class. Kensa became injured during the running phase and sadly had to retire.

Phoebe went on to do the full tetrathlon riding a fantastic clear around a full, up to height, course. Phoebe completed her successful weekend by being awarded 3rd place. Well done to all.

Team Showjumping Running Order



Charlotte Hicks travelled to Milton Keynes at the weekend for the Winter Triathlon Championships. She had a really great day with a PB in her run and swim and an excellent shoot. This hard work was rewarded with Charlotte claiming 4th place in a strong class of 50 competitors from all over the UK. This is Charlottes first year in the junior girl class and still has another two years in this age group, so this is a great achievement. Well done from all at EC.

Pony Prep Winner

We are very pleased to announce that Milly Bersey, entered a competition on the Pony Club Website and was lucky enough to be drawn as one of the winners of a PC Saddle Cover.  Well done Milly.  Don't forget that you can enter the competitions on the Main PC website to be in with a chance of winning, so take a leaf out of Milly's book and go and have a look at www.ponyprep.org



Trewolland Camp Summer 2015

Details now included on events page - Junior(8+) Intermediate (10+) and hopefully a mini camp (under 8's) will run during the week - Exact dates TBC

Trewolland Summer Camp 2015

Trewolland Summer Camp 2015

Trewolland Camp Summer 2015

C TEST Results

Well done to Tilly Bassett, Katie Flanagan, Beth Pyzer, Jasmine Hembrow, Steph Bennison, Megan Busby, Georgina Steed and Freya Donaghy all who took and passed their C Test today.  

C Test Results

C Test Results

C TEST Results


A strong team of 9 members travelled to Helston yesterday to the Cury PC winter Triathlon.

East Cornwall claimed 3 best shoot awards which is a fantastic achievement and many thanks to Paul for his amazing coaching.

Millie Frost, Florence Scard-Morgan,Isabel Sutton and Hattie Drake all competed in the mixed mini class for 8 & 9 year olds. Isobel had a PB in her swim, Florence improved her run and shoot, Millie had a really fast run. Hattie was awarded best shoot with a score of 800, she improved her swim and run to gain 2nd place.

Kensa Bennallick and Phoebe Frost competed in the mini girls 10 & 11 year olds, this is a strong class and Kensa had a good shoot and improved her run. Phoebe had a good swim and run to gain 4th place.

Will Drake competed in the mini boys class, and this was only  Will's second tri, he improved his run by a massive 300 points to claim 4th place.

Max Frost competed in the Junior boys class, he had a fabulous 900 shoot score and was awarded best shoot and also had a PB in his swim to receive individual 2nd place.

Charlotte Hicks entered the junior girls class had a 1000 shoot score and had a PB in her swim. She gained best shoot, best run and best swim to win the class.

Our team of Will, Max, Phoebe and Charlotte came second.

We have a large entry of members in our triathlon at Lux Park next weekend so look forward to seeing you all there.

Membership Renewal

Can all those who have not yet renewed please do so asap. If renewals are not received by 28th Feb we will unfortunately have to suspend your ability to book and attend events (this is due to insurance purposes) also for those of you looking to take part in area teams, if you do not renew before 28th Feb you will not be eligible for team competitions! Sorry just following the rules.

Eggesford Triathalon - 7th Feb 15

4 members from EC (including 1 Brother) took part in Eggesford PC Triathalon on 7th Feb 15.

Kensa Benallick, who has had a long break from Triathalons, due to an injury, came back in full fitness and had a great day!

Hattie Drake and her brother Will, both did amazing in the swim phase.  Will was in a mixed team which came 2nd and seeing as this was his first Triathalon, he is definitely one to watch for the future.

Charlotte Hicks had a personal best in both the run and swim phase and also had the best shoot in the junior girls.  She was awarded 2nd place individually and has qualified for the National Triathalon in March.

Don't forget to get booked up to support our own Triathalon being held at Lux Park on 7th March!

Presentation Evening 2015

What a wonderful evening we all had at the presentation evening held at Saltash Social Club on 6th Feb.  The venue was great, the food was copious and the atmosphere was fab.  All the children seemed to have a wonderful time being entertained by the DJ, so all in all a fab evening.  The cups were awarded as follows:

Lead Rein and First Ridden - Olivia Tate

Sam & Sasha Cup (Best Character Pony) - Dweeby and Rosie Busby

The Juno Cup (Best Pony Under 14.2) - Ebony and Demelza Morris

Sweep Perpetual Cup (Most Improved 11 years + over) - Beth Alford and Meaghan Darling

Most Improved Under 11 - Kizzie Witton

Graham Higgins Cup (Tack and Turnout) - Florence Scard-Morgan

Senior Prince Phillip - Maddie Lee

Junior Prince Phillip - Freya Donaghy

Kellagher Cup (Tet Achievement) - Charlotte Hicks

Tankard ( Tet Boy) - Max Frost

Dinnis Trophy (Tet Junior Girls) - Charlotte Hicks

Hickory Cup (Tet Most Improved) - Phoebe Frost

Most Improved Swim - Phoebe Frost

Most Improved Run - Millie Frost

Most Improved Shoot - Isabelle Sutton

Mayfly Plate (Consistency During Year) - Phoebe Frost and Flash

Dressage Cup - Kathryn Baker

Shakerly Cup (Show Jumping) - Nicole Harding

Spring Time Winnie the Pooh Cup (Novice Area Horse Trials) - Ellie Robinson

Mastermix Cup ( Best Area Intermediate) - Amy Bennallick

Byles Cup (Overall Branch Achievement) - Amy Bennallick

A huge well done to all of you who won an award - well deserved.

For those of you who did not win an award this year....work hard in 2015 and perhaps your name will get put forward for next years presentation evening.  

South Pool Team Show Jumping

East Cornwall certainly pulled out all the stops at South Devon West Open Team Show Jumping on 25th January 2015.  We entered 2 teams:

The Pirates - Phoebe Frost, Flo Wickham, Katie Martin and Shakira Duffy  

The Tinminers - Katie & Amy Flanagan and Abi and Evie Baker..  

16 teams entered and only 5 finished on zero faults, including both EC teams!  The second round was timed and the Pirates just pipped the Tinminers by 2 seconds.  Amazing result with the Pirates coming 2nd and the Tinminers coming 3rd.  Some great riding and fantastic team spirit.  

The next Team Show Jumping event is our own, being held on 22nd  March at Duchy College.  We have a calls for everyone, starting the day with a mini class for our juniors at 1ft6.  The children can be assisted in this class so a great way for them to have a go on home turf.  Keep an eye on the website for the schedule and booking details!

ECHPC Christmas Show Jumping

Another lovely day with East Cornwall Pony Club.

This years Christmas Show Jumping was a great success, with everyone enjoying a lovely day. It was very well supported and all the children were amazing, so much progress for so many this year.

Many thanks to everyone that helped set up, put away and help with the general running of the day - it was a real team event. Thank you  


Class 1 - 1st Rosie Busby, 2nd Kensa Bennalick, 3rd Charlotte Scoble, 4th Holly Reid, 5th Ella Gamble and 6th Holly Hale.

Class 2 - 1st Kensa Bennalick and Megan Busby, 2nd Ella Gamble and Isobel Thomas, 3rd Sydney Bond and Teggan Greenaway, 4th Millie Frost and Holly Reid, 5th Rosie Busby and Phoebe Frost, 6th Jacob Long and Kizzie Whitton.

Class 3 - 1st Sydney Bond, 2nd Megan Busby, 3rd Isobel Thomas, 4th Teggan Greenaway, 5th Abbie Kendle

Class 4 - 1st Phoebe Frost and Katie Flannagan, 2nd Lucie Jones and Annelie, 3rd Sydney Bond and Isobel Thomas, 4th Harriet Mitchell and Evie Baker, 5th Joanne Smith and Abbie Kendle, 6th Beth Alford and Poppy Pearn.

Class 5 - 1st Evie Baker, 2nd Poppy Pearn, 3rd Joanne Smith, 4th Abbie Kendle, 5th Amy Flannagan,  6th Beth Alford.

Class 6 - 1st Abi Baker and Shakira Duffy, 2nd Evie Baker and Freya Donaghy, 3rd Joanne Smith and Abbie Kendle, 4th Megan Busby and Annalie, 5th Phoebe Frost and Katie Flannagan, 6th Maddy Lee and Amy Flannagan

Class 7 - 1st Amy Flannagan, 2nd Evie Baker, 3rd Emily Dinnis, 4th Harriet Mitchell, 5th Shakira Duffy, 6th Abi Baker

Sk8 Roller Disco - Social Event

A great evening was had by all who attended the Roller Disco at the Life Centre in Plymouth on Saturday 13th December......it was a full on evening with many who attended, skating for several hours either "free-style" or racing!

Even those who began the evening skating hesitantly were soon moving at speed...though at times the stopping proved difficult!

It was great to see such a range of ages together, all working hard to master the skill and the Christmas themed parent skaters also seemed to enjoy the festivities!

Well done ECHPC - again, you did us proud!

Horse and Hound at the Equine Fair

Eight members of ECHPC did a fantastic job representing our club at the Equine Fair to compete in the Horse and Hound Challenge.  Tilly Bassett, Demelza Morris, Katie Flanagan and Evie Baker our riders with Ellie Pitman, Ty Norris, Phoebe Frost and Poppy Pearn with their dogs.  

It was a great day, rather overwhelming with a big crowd, lots of noise and a very small arena - everyone gave it their all, overcame nerves and did exceptionally well.  They were placed 3, winning head collars for the ponies and bandanas for the dogs along with a lovely rosette.

All were a bit in awe having a surprise judge for the tack and turnout in the shape of none other than Mary King!  

A great effort from all involved - another wonderful event in which ECHPC members did their club proud!

Thank you to all the parents for making the effort to bring the children, ponies and dogs, to Tracey Baker to coordinating the training and the event and to Louise Garland who was on hand to walk the course and give encouragement to the children.

Junior Rally - TEST DAY RESULTS - Duchy College

A great day for our juniors on Saturday with 25 children ALL passing a pony club test.

One of our smallest members Lydia Dodd aged just 5 passed her E test, with 10 more children ranging from just 5-10 years old that all passed their D test by confidently riding off the lead rein and showing that they can care for their ponies.

14 members passed their D+ test which asks the children to be able to care for their Grass kept ponies, know, fit and care for their equipment and ride confidently at all paces including a small jump. 

The next step for these Members is their road rider achievement badge followed by the C test which is aimed at children of 11 years old and above.

Well done to all of you for achieving such wonderful results.

These successful children were:

E Test - Lydia Dodd

D Test - Olivia Tate, Daisy Swain, Tiggie-lou Witton, Cody Smith, Jacob Long, Faith Davy, Fleur Jackson, China Bunyard, Kensa Cameron and Bethany Stephens.

D+ Test - Kizzie Witton, Isabelle Sutton, Rosie Busby, Holly Reid, Millie Frost, Harriet Drake, Grace Burge, Lerryn Woodward, Mary Nason, Freya Donaghy, Tamsyn Morris, Scarlett Gould, Erin Voyzey and Florence Scard-Morgan.

Photo - Members Left to Right: Cody, Jacob, Olivia, Daisy, Lydia and Tiggie-Lou

Road Safety Exam Nov 2014

Following 5 hours of training, given by Zoe Barwell at Sillaton Farm, the 10 students took their Road Rider Exam.  They were all turned out very well and were wearing plenty of Hi Viz. Congratulations to you all for passing the exam.  Please just remember to take what you have learnt onto the roads and always wear your Hi Viz!  Well done all.

Those who took the exam as follows:

Katie Flanagan, Tilly Bassett, Holly Hale, Flo Wickham, Stephanie Bennison, Jasmine Hembrow, Katie Martin, Beth Pyzer, Abi Baker and Abi Cox

East Cornwall Hunt Childrens Meet 2014

Hunting Oct 14 1

It was so lovely to see the East Cornwalls Hunt Childrens Meet so well supported by the ECHPC.  There was a fantastic turnout and everyone looked very smart.  The ponies all behaved impeccably, both in the car park and at the meet.  Unfortunately after a couple of hours the hunt had to end early due to the bad weather, with thick fog closing in, so the hounds were taken back and Graham (the Hunt Master) took the kids for a bit of a blast before sending them home.  Thank you to all who made the effort on a dull, foggy day!

(Piers Brown, Katie marton, Amy Flannagan, Max Frost, Oliver bassett, Maddie Lee, Tilly Bassett, Phoebe Frost, Evie Baler, Abbie Baker, Flo Wickham, Ty Norris, Freya Donaghy, Meaghan Darling, Poppy Pearn, Demelza Morris and Erin Voyzey - If i have missed anyone, please let me know, so i can update the list!)

Spooners Tri/Biathalon Results

The Spooners Biathalon (Run & Swim) was entered by Kizzie Whitton and Holly Reid. This is only the second competition these girls have done and they both did really well.

Holly did a super run and Kizzie scored consistent points in her run and swim resulting in her being placed an individual 6th place out of 17 competitors.  Holly and Kizzie also came 5th in a mixed team, so a huge well done to them.

Isabelle Sutton has moved up to the mixed mini class and has only just started shooting which is a big step when you are only 8! Issy did really well and was in a very strong class of 30 athletes. Although she didn't get placed this time I'm sure it wont be long before she brings home a prize for East Cornwall.

Charlotte also had a good day.  she scored a maximum of 1000 in her shoot, gaining the best shoot award and also had a good run and swim, remaining in the lead throughout the competition.

All our athletes looked very smart in the new Tetrathlon hoodies and swim hats, we really are a smart team!

 The next triathlon is at Launceston Leisure Centre on Sunday 16th November - details can be found on the events page.

Please take a look and if you are interested, but need more information please contact Kathy.

Also, please remember that Paul is holding regular shooting lessons at Mitchell's Potato yard for all ages and abilities.  We now have our very own turning target for junior and senior members to practice, so if you would like shooting practice but are unable to come To our regular lessons please let Kathy know and we may be able to accommodate you.

ECHPC take over Saltash Swimming Centre

Tonight we have had another very successful social visit at Saltash Leisure Centre.  28 children came along and had a fab time.  It was so lovely to see all the children getting along so well and spending time looking out for those, slightly less able in the water - wonderful to see.  They all behaved impeccably and you will be pleased to hear that we will be welcome back!

The children seem to want more of these events Laser Quest, Ice Skating and Adrenaline Quarry were some of the suggestions put forward for future events.

The next social event is a Roller Disco at Plymouth Life Centre on 13th December and promises to be a great evening.  Adults are welcome to skate as are sibling.....just let Michelle Pitman know, so she can keep a tally on numbers to advise the venue in advance.  To book, just go to the website.

New Members

Welcome to Gabby Ward, Bethany Stephens and Faith Davey. We hope you have lots of fun with East Cornwall PC. 

Faith was our 100th member and will be in this weeks Western Morning News!! 

Results from Eggesford Bi/Tet & Tri

East Cornwall had a great weekend at the Tet and Tri hosted by Eggesford PC in Okehampton.   Max Frost came 4th in the Junior boys with an amazing improvement on his swim, Phoebe Frost came 5th in a very strong mini girls class and also has improved her swimming.

Millie Frost and Isabelle Sutton competed in their first ever triathlon and did extremely well. Isabelle did a great run improving on her time from the last biathlon and  Millie had a really good shoot and came 4th.

Charlotte was the only East Cornwall competitor to do the Tetrathlon. She improved her swim and run and came 2nd in the junior girls class. She also rode a clear round in the cross country phase and maintained her 2nd place.

Well done to all the competed and the personal improvements.  Keep up the hard work!

The next Biathalon/Triathlon is at Kelly college 26th October hosted by Spooners PC.  Why not come along and have a go.  For more information, contact Kathy Treleaven who's details can be found on the Who's Who page.

New Member

Welcome to Jacob Long age 7, we hope you have a great time with ECHPC


Age 10 and under 1. Freya Donaghy 2. Evie Baker 3. Katie Flanagan 4. Megan Busby 5. Annelie J B M'hand 6. Isabel Humphery

Age 11 and over 1. Abi Baker 2. Abi Cox 3. Phoebe Frost 4. Ellie Pitman 5. Max Frost 6. Louisa Fleming

NOVICE ONE DAY EVENT 28 August - Results

Class 1A

1st. Jackie Jones   William   2nd Isobel Humphrey Pingu   3rd Tamsyn Morris Misty  4th Megan Busby  Abi  5th Stephanie Bennison Russet  Best Dressage - Sophie Jones

Class 1B

1st Jasmine Sleeman   Raidy  2nd Annie Jones Breeze  3rd Sydney Bond. Miss Moo      4th Isobel Thomas  Loveny Crackle.  5th Piers Brown  Amapola  6th  Katie Flanagan  Tom.  Best Dressage - Jasmin Sleeman

Class 2A

1st. Amy Flanagan Flash  2nd Evie Baker Horatio   Best Dressage - Evie Baker

Class 2B

1st Ellie Pitman Woody  2nd Abi Baker  Paddy   3rd. Amy Blake  Freddie  4th. Louisa Fleming  Alphie.    5th   Amy Blake Belinda  6th  Emma Melhuish.  King Jimmy.      Best Dressage - Ellie Pitman

Class 3 

1st Holly Reid Toffee.  2nd Rosie Busby  Dweeb  3rd Tegan Greenaway Tin Soldier.     4th Erin Voyzey Saffron.  Best Dressage - Erin Voyzey 

Cross Country Course

The cross country course at Keason is open for schooling after Super Pony on Tuesday until Thursday evening. £10 per person pay as you go, please contact Margaret. 


Starting Saturday 16th August Dave, the swimming coach from Bodmin, has kindly offered to run a club for East Cornwall at the Dragon Centre, Bodmin. It will run every Saturday from 2 till 4 at a cost of £2.80 per swim. This is open to all ages and abilities, whether you are involved in Tetrathlon or not.

If you are interested please contact Kathy Kathryn@morehay.plus.com 

New Members

We have new members Olivia Tate age 5, and Bethan Wheeler age 6. Two of our new members have unfortunately had to leave us, so our tally is now at 98!!

New Member

Welcome to Henrietta Morrell-Davies age 12. 

PC Area Dressage Wadebridge Sunday 6th July

Well done to all our members who made the trip to the Royal Cornwall Showground. Unfortunately no one qualified but we had some really promising scores and placings!

Results were: Intermediate: Emily Dinnis 5th arena C, Katherine Baker 3rd arena D.

Novice: Team 5th out of 21!! Ellie Robinson 3rd arena A, Hattie Congdon 7th arena B, Zoe Congdon 5th arena C, Ellie Pitman. They also won the Tack & Turnout! Our other Novice team of Amy Blake, Demelza Morris and Amy Bennalick wasn't placed however Amy Bennalick came 5th individually, even though she only rode Emily for the first time for 10mins the night before!! 

Junior Team: Stephen Bennison, Isobel Thomas, Flo Wickham and Hattie Drake. Flo just missed out on the placings with very impressive 69%! 

Walk and Trot: Holly Reid 6th individual. Isabelle Sutton. 

New Members

Welcome to Grace Burge and Florence Scard-Morgan both 8. We hope you have loads of fun with East Cornwall.

Friday Rally is Going Ahead

Cross country rally on Friday eve 27 June is definitely going ahead.

Inter Area Tetrathlon Bicton

Charlotte Hicks competed in the Inter Area Tetrathlon Competition held over 2 days this week .  The XC was at Bicton Arena . Charlotte came 2nd out of 36 in the mini girls class . With a 900 shoot , best run and an impressive swim she clinched 2nd place with a clear ride on the fabulous Dazzle over the 2'6 course

Charlotte was also part of the Area16 team made up of 2 Western Hunt Members and one from Lamerton . They came 2nd . Congratulations Charlotte and a huge well done . 

With just one more Tetrathlon in July before the tri season is upon us in October  it would be great to have a good show of ECPC members at this competition . As soon as I have the schedule I will add to the website so please book in ! 



Come along to the Royal Cornwall Show on this Friday 6th June and cheer our teams in the Prince Philip competition. Starts at 5.30pm.


To view the running order click on the download below
The competition will start at 10am, to be preceded by a clear round competition if the weather permits.


Combined Training Event - 17 April

Times to be posted here very soon!

Combined Training Event 17 April

Times to be posted here very soon!

Combined Training Event 17 April - TIMES

Combined Training Event 17 April - TIMES

To view the times, click on the download


Congratulations Charlotte !

Tetrathlete Charlotte Hicks travelled to Milton Keynes last weekend to compete in the National Pony Club Triathlon competition . Charlotte did incredibly well and improved hugely on last years result by coming 2nd with Best Run ! She was also in a mixed Area 19 team and they came 1st . A brilliant result Charlotte and ECHPC are very proud of you . 

New Member

Welcome to Mary Nason age 9 we hope you have a great time with us! 

New Member

We have another new member Tegenn Greenaway age 10. 

New Member

Welcome to Fleur Jackson age 7, we hope you have a wonderful time with us.




The following awards were presented

Lead Rein/First Ridden - Daisy Swain

Sam And Sacha Cup - Horatio (Evie Baker)

Most Improved - Piers Brown

Dressage Cup - Emily Dinnis

Novice Area Eventing - Georgia O'Brien

Intermediate Championships - Isabelle Joce

Mayfly Plate for Consistency - Abi Cox

Senior Prince Philip - Ollie Bassett

Junior Prince Philip - Phoebe Frost

Tack and Turnout Cup - Isobel Thomas

Kelleghar Cup (Tet. Achievement) - Charlotte Hicks

Tetrathlon Boy Tankard - Max Frost

Tetrathlon Junior Girls - Harriet Mitchell & Tess Masselink 

Tetrathlon Most Improved - Phoebe Frost

Showjumping Cup - Amy Benallick

Overall Branch Achievement Cup - Charlotte Hicks


Paul is happy to hold a shoot training session this Thursday evening if anyone is interested . Ideal for any member wanting to have a go at our triathlon next month for the first time ! Please contact me by phone or email asap so I can send out times . 

New Member

Welcome to Bethany Coggon age 11, we hope you have a wonderful time with us.

New Members

We have more new members! Welcome to China Bunyard age 6, Rosy Renfree age 6, Sophie Renfree age 5 and Cody Smith age 5. 

It's great we are getting so many new young members. We hope you have great fun with East Cornwall! 

New Members


We welcome new members Kensa Cameron age 7, Lucie Jones age 12 and Kaja Skews age 9. We hope you have a wonderful time with us. 


We welcome Holly Hale age 10. We hope you have a great time with East Cornwall. 


All of our C Test candidates passed their recent exam. Well done to Sydney Bond, Florence Wickham, Phoebe Frost, Poppy Pearn, Abi Cox, Beth Alford, Demelza Morris, Ellie Pitman, Abi Baker, Amy Flanagan, Ellie Garland, Grace Bennallick, Ty Norris and Maddie Lee. Their certificates will be presented at the forthcoming prize-giving on 8th. Febraury.

We are very grateful to our trainers Jo Retallack and Rachel Philpot for doing such a fantastic job, and to Alison Melhuish for both making all of the arrangements and hosting the training and examination at her yard.


Our new trainer George Boisseau joins us for the first polocrosse rally on Tuesday 12 November. If you haven't tried this fun game before, come along and have a go. All equipment provided.

Please book your place on the Events page

Pony Club Mums' Night Out

Pony Club Mums' Christmas Night Out

If anyone interested in coming to the PC Mums' Christmas party night out on Sat 14th December at Eliot House Hotel Liskeard, can you please let Rachel Pearn know if you are coming, so she can sort numbers. Please do this by 20th November along with £10 deposit per person. Tickets are £25 each including a 3 course meal,and disco. Rachel will forward menus on request. Contact Rachel at repearn@hotmail.co.uk. It should be a great night out!



We welcome new member Reuben Clayman (age 15). We hope you enjoy your time with the ECHPC.


All the dates for the coming seasons tri's and tets's are now on the Tetrathlon page.Please contact Fiona Mitchell for anymore information 

 Please note : if you wish your scores to count for the winter league competition then make sure you enter the correct class . I.E if you are due to move up to the next age group in 2014 then enter that class for the 3 triathlons that run in 2013 that count in the league . 


ECHPC had a fantastic day at the Team Show Jumping Competition hosted  by Spooners Pony Club.  We had 7 teams pre entered and one team entered in the day, which is a wonderful turn out for our club.  Some late changes meant some of the teams were short of a members, but we managed to fill the places on the day, so each team was complete.

The day got off to a great start with the East Cornwall Soundrels (Evie Baker, Megan Busby, Tilly Bassett and Demelza Morris) wiping the board, with 3 of the team getting double clears, to come out on top, winning Class 1.  Demelza and Woody had a nasty fall when they  slipped on the corner, but both were up away to complete the course before the commentator could check they were both ok.  Well done girls you did us proud!

In Class 2 we had 2 teams entered.  There were plenty of spooky fillers, but all the kids rode very well, again with lots of double clears.  EC Rascals (Tilly Bassett, Katie Flanagan, Ty Norris and Mia Simpson) came 2nd….(and had someone not missed a fence, they would have come 1st â€“ you know who you were!) and EC Misfits (Oli Bassett, Meaghan Darling, Piers Brown and Evie Baker) came 6th.

We had 3 teams entered in Class 3.  EC Scoundrels (Oli Bassett, Charlotte Hicks, Georgina Steed and Ty Norris) all managed double Clears and came 2nd, with EC Rogues (Zoe Congdon, Shakira Duffy, Abi Baker and Phoebe Frost) coming 6th.

There was then a rescue relay, which was entered on the day.  There were 16 pairs entered.  This was a great, fun event, which all the children thoroughly seemed to enjoy.  Shakira Duffy and Abi Baker came 2nd and Oli Bassett and Georgina Steed came 3rd.

In the final class of the day, we again had 2 teams entered.  Charlotte Hicks very kindly stepped in at the last minute to fill the space we had when Hattie Congdon had to pull out.  The EC Reprobates (Zoe Congdon, Ellie Robinson, Tess Masselink and Harriet Mitchell) came 2nd with both Ellie and Tess having double clears and EC Urchins (Kaggs Baker, Amelia Bignell, Charlotte Hicks and Abi Cox) came 4th.

 It was a very successful day for EC.  Lots of our members are in new partnerships with their ponies and some have just moved up a level, so let’s hope this is a sign for great things in the future.


A fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to ride at St Leonard's Launceston ODE over an 80cm Course . Running this Sunday 4th August  the same day as Area Horse Trials and over the 80cm BE track that is running the day before. Dressage Test : Novice Area Eventing Test 2013 .  Entry fee £40 Numbers needed by Wednesday at the latest , phone Alison Melhuish 07886512320  



We welcome new members Sydney Bond (age 10) and Hattie Drake (age 7). We hope to see you at some of our events soon.

Junior Regional Tetrathlon


Class 1 (60cm, PC members age 12 or under) - 1.Molly Northmore 2. James Shaw 3. Phoebe Frost 4. Freya Jones 5. Jasmin Hembrow

Class 2 (60cm Open) - 1. Jade Couch 2.Karen Sharpe 3. Jade Couch 4.Janet Jones 5. Helen Taylor 6.Amanda Frost 7. Elizabeth Ham 8. Ann Kinahan 9. Kathryn Baker

Class 3 (75cm, PC members 16 years or under) - 1. Jessica Harrison 2. Charlie Hoare 3. Amy Benallick 4. Sophie Hodgson 5. Ellena French 6. Lilly Hunt  7= Chloe Taylor & Louisa Fleming 9. Jodie Lamb

Class 4 (75cm Open) - 1. Sharon Mitchell 2. Emma Smith 3. Amanda Friend 4. Karen Chubb 5. Daphne Beasley 6. Ros Boisseau 7. Gail Hooper 8. Ellie Robinson 9. Catherine Hoskin

Class 5 (90cm PC members) - 1. Amber Rees 2. Jessica Harrison 3. Stacey Littlejohns 4. Hattie Congdon 5. Pete Reis 6. Amy Benallick 7. Phobe Ham 8. Rosa-Mai Sell 9. Felicity Jones

Class 6 (90cm Open) - Amanda Friend 2. Sarah Penney 3. Natalie Moore 4. Emma Turner 5. Lisa Golding 6. Harriet Hales

FOUND AT THE EVENT: Child's dark blue polo shirt with white stripes. Email the Secretary to claim it.


We welcome our five new members Maddy Lee (age 14), sisters Thea (11) and Evie Talling (7), Peter Reis (14) and Beth Alford (11). We hope you enjoy your time with our Branch.

Combined Training 20 April - FULL RESULTS & PHOTOS

Combined Training 20 April - FULL RESULTS

To view the full results, click on the download below.

Note: there were some on equal scores. The placings were decided by totalling the collective marks (paces, impulsion, submission and rider position) on the dressage test. The highest total was given the highest placing

Photographs can be seen and ordered at www.eclipse-photos.co.uk


Combined Training - DRESSAGE TIMES


The dressage times for Saturday can be found by clicking on the download below



Download the schedule here. Open to all. Closing date 19 May


Fourburrow Tetrathlon

4 members of East Cornwall entered the first tet of the year at Truro . Sadly the weather meant that they couldn't take the ponies XC and had to go to Colraine for an indoor showjumping competition which included rustic fences a slip rail and a gate ! The team came 4th overall which was great , clear rides from Charlotte on Dazzle and Shakira on Raidy was great to see . 

The event was run as a tri and a tet and the results are : 

Mini Girl Triathlon 1st Charlotte Hicks with Best Shoot and Run 

Intermediate Girls 1st Harriet Mitchell with Best Run and Swim 

Mini Girl Tetrathlon 1st Charlotte Hicks 

Intermediate Girls 2nd Harriet Mitchell 

National Triathlon

Congratulations to Tess and Charlotte who both travelled to Milton Keynes this weekend to compete  in the National Triathlon event . Both girls did extremely well competing against the best in their age group from all around the country . Charlotte still has another year to go in the mini girl age group and came 11th overall. Charlotte has always had an impressive shoot phase and she didn't disappoint this time , she scored 980 ( out of a possible 1000) and was awarded best shoot of the whole competition . 

Tess having competed the day before in Derbyshire at the English Schools XC also did extremely well and was 7th overall and came 2nd in the running phase Weather conditions were dreadful , snow , mud and freezing temperatures so both girls should be incredibly proud of their achievements . A huge Well Done from all of ECPC . 

Junior Rally ( 9 March)

Junior Rally 9th March

L to R: Rosie, Hattie, Isabelle, Holly and Daisy

Junior Rally 9th March

Summer Camp dates for 2013

To help with holiday planning, the dates for Camp this year are as follows:

Intermediate Camp 11-14 August

Junior Camp 15-18 August

Full details will be posted on the website in due course.

Area 15 &16 Winter Triathlon League

Over the winter from October to March Area 15 & 16 run a triathlon league .Competitors best four scores from all the events held are added together and are placed from 1st to 6th place . The last event of the triathlon league is East Cornwall's Tri . Linda Sandercock the Area Tetrathlon Coordinator came Lux Park  to award the rosettes to the prize winners . East Cornwall members were very successful and 5 members came home with a rosette. 

Charlotte Hicks 3rd Mini Girl

Finn Masselink 2nd Mini Boy

Tess Masselink 1st Junior Girl 

Amy Bennallick 3rd Junior Girl 

Harriet Mitchell 1st Senior Girl 


We welcome new member Daisy Swain (age 4) to our Junior group.

Charlotte Qualifies for National Triathlon Final

Charlotte Hicks with a few rosettes !


Well done Phoebe Ham and Lickety Split who have qualified for the Pony Club Dengie Winter League Showjumping Championships inWarwickshire this April. Competing against riders from across PC Area 16 she came second in the tack and turnout and second in the showjumping.


The new format Presentation Evening was a resounding success and was greatly enjoyed by all.

The awards were as follows:

Lead rein/First Ridden Trophy: Megan Busby

Best Character Pony (Sam & Sasha Cup): Kensa Benallick and Rummy

Most Improved (Sweep Perpetual Cup): Grace Benallick

Dressage Cup: Abi Lucas

Novice Area Eventing: Emma Melhuish & Georgia O'Brien

Consistency Award (Mayfly Plate): Georgia O'Brien

Prince Phillip Senior: Amy Benallick

Prince Phillip Junior: Tilly Bassett

Tack & Turnout: Isabella Alderson

Tetrathlon Achievement (Kellagher Cup): Tess Masselink

Tetrathlon Boy's Tankard: Max Frost

Tetrathlon Junior Girls (Dinnis Trophy): Harriet Mitchell

Tetrathlon Most Improved (Hickory Cup): Charlotte Hicks

Showjumping (Shakerly Cup): Hattie Congdon

Overall Branch Achievement Cup: Harriet Mitchell

East Cornwall Pony Club Christmas Show

A really well attended fun day was had by all at Duchy on Sunday . We were joined by a few riders from Penewin Riding Centre too which was lovely . Well done to everyone who came and also a big thank you to the members who helped on the day and stayed to clear away at end . 
Class 1 
1st Katie Martin Bubble
2nd Freya Donaghy Maisie 
3rd Demelza Morris Ebony 
4th Isabella Alderson Benji
5th Evie Baker  Waffle 
6th Isabelle Sutton  Saddies 
Class 2 
1st Katie Martin Bubble
2nd Amy Flanagan Max 
3rd Abi Cox Paddy Cool 
4th Jodie Lamb Emily 
5th Demelza Morris Ebony 
6th Poppy Pearn Mysty 
Class 3 
1st Ellie Pitman Woody 
      Poppy Pearn Mysty
2nd Abi Baker Paddy 
       Amy Flanagan Max 
3rd Mia Simpson Prince 
       Tilly Bassett Brownie 
4th Max Frost Tom 
       Phoebe Frost Flash 
5th Hannah Hockram Blue 
       Ellie Pitman Woody 
6th Ellie Robinson Darwin 
       Zoe Congdon Willow 
Class 4 
1st Ellie Robinson Abbey 
2nd Kathryn Baker Spirit 
3rd Grace Bennallick Mary 
4th Mia Simpson Prince 
5th Amy Flanagan Max
6th Zoe Congdon Willow 
Class 5 
1st Tess Masselink Wallie 
2nd Kathryn Baker  Spirit 
3rd Amy Bennallick Bow 
4th Zoe Congdon Willow 
5th Emma Melhuish Sky 
6th Grace Bennallick Mary 
Class 6 
1st Tess Masselink Wallie 
2nd Kathryn Baker Spirit 
3rd Georgia O Brien Charlie 
4th Amy Bennallick Bow 
5th Emma Melhuish Sky
6th Pete Reis Hector  


If you have not already renewed your membership, please go to the New Members section and download a Membership Renewal form. Send this with your cheque to the Secretary (address is on the form).

Please note that members who have not renewed by 31 January will no longer be able to participate in ECHPC events as they will no longer be covered by the Branch insurance.

Junior Christmas Fun Rally 15 December

Junior Christmas Fun Rally 15 December

Junior Christmas Fun Rally 15 December


Because of the heavy rain and in consideration of the landowners over whose land we will ride, we have  had to postpone the Christmas Ride. We do hope to re-schedule it soon.

Junior Rally - TEST RESULTS

Congratulations to the following on passing their Pony Club Efficiency Tests at the Junior Rally on 1st December.

E: Rosie Busby, Kizzie Whitton

D+: Megan Busby, Kensa Benallick, Annelie Jamaa Ben MHand, Tilly Bassett, Demelza Morris, Jasmine Hembrow, Max Frost, Ellie Garland.

Well done to all! The Test Certificates will be presented at our Gala Presentation Evening on Friday 8 February (Mums please note this date in your diaries).

Congratulations to C+ Test Candidates

Well done to Tess Masselink, Megan Dalton, Harriet Congdon and Ellie Robinson who all passed their C+ Tests on Saturday 1st December after 3 hours of testing their riding and stable management.


Congratulations to Mia Simpson and Kathryn Baker on recently passing their Pony Club 'C' Test

New District Commissioner

Margaret Best (a former DC of the ECHPC) has agreed to take over as Acting DC until 31 December following the resignation of Richard Lucas.

The Committee at a meeting on 16 October passed a unanimous vote of thanks to both Richard Lucas and Paul Dinnis for the hard work they have done for the branch over the last five years.

The Committee hopes to be able to appoint a new DC by the end of 2012.


The Smurfs Show Jumping

Novice Pony Club Championships Cheshire 2011

Novice Pony Club Championships 2012 Cheshire

Well the “summer “ holidays have ended and school beckons again !!! We have all just about recovered from our long trip on the bank holiday weekend up to Cheshire where 7 ECPC Riders competed at the Novice National Pony Club Championships . I believe we are one of only a few clubs in the whole of the UK who actually qualified for all three disciplines as a team . To qualify for one is great but to qualify for all three was just superb and the girls should be extremely proud of themselves . 6 horses travelled in a huge lorry with Juno making the long trip on his own , they were all glad to arrive and soon settled down in their stables on site . We were so lucky with the weather and only had rain at night ! A tent was set up and this was our “base camp “, we all enjoyed a chilli and pasta on the first night and helped celebrate Harriet’s birthday with a lot of cake . The nerves set in on the Saturday as the dressage team got themselves ready . Each discipline had a tack and turnout competition and the standard was very high ! Georgia and Bredero rode a lovely test and were only just out of the placings (11th ) Harriet and Amy C both made slight mistakes but still managed very respectable scores. Alana and Paddy did a lovely test too and Alana was the only one smiling at the end which made us all laugh !! The team came 34th overall and managed an amazing 2nd place in the Tack and Turnout . Georgia and Amy had a rather frantic run back to the podium in time to receive their rosettes but made it just in time , Alana and Harriet M were fortunately waiting to show jump so were already changed and near the award marquee !
Next on the Saturday was the Show Jumping ( Harriet , Emma , Hattie and Alana ) which again was very competitive , we had a mixed result but Elton and Hattie certainly had the best two rounds of the day for EC having only one pole down .
With the first day over and just the Eventing to go on the Sunday we all enjoyed a meal out and a nice hot shower ! It was great to see all the girls enjoying each others company and supporting each other as they all had some lows as well as lots of highs .
Sunday’s competition didn’t start too early but Georgia, Harriet , Isabelle and Emma were up early getting their horses ready for the Eventing . They all looked immaculate for the Tack and Turnout Competition . The dressage went well and the riders all had good scores, the show jumping went very well and apart from a pole each they all had super rounds . Georgia was a little worried about Charlie as he seemed a little off colour so we were all hoping he would be ok for the XC . The XC course was a lovely course with a number of questions for all the riders and some were well up to height. Mandy Basire was on hand all weekend and was such a help to not only the riders but to the parents as well . Mandy walked the course with them and this certainly helped them feel confident before the start . Georgia was first to go and we were all relieved to see him fly round clear , Harriet was next and also had a super round, Juno was in his element ! Isabelle and Incy went clear too and Isabelle did well as Incy was extremely keen ! Emma and Sky completed the East Cornwall hat trick and came home clear . Only a few teams had all four team members achieving such success on the XC course . Although as a team they were out of the rosettes they all ended on a “high” and were very pleased with their fantastic ponies /horses , Just as we all thought we could pack up and go Emma O’B and I realised EC had WON the Tack and Turnout Eventing Award , so we stayed for the presentation . The girls were presented with a Silver Salver ,rosettes and an ENORMOUS grooming box each ,packed full of goodies , so heavy they were hard to lift ! EC had stood out as “outstanding “ in the T&T Competition and had really impressed the judges .In fact the word “outstanding “ had even been written on the score sheet !
Hopefully next year we will see these riders move up to the intermediate event and see some newcomers at the Novice Champs in 2013 .


Good Luck from all ECPC to Georgia O'Brien , Amy Corbett , Emma Melhuish , Hattie Congdon, Alana Dalton , Isabelle Joce and Harriet Mitchell . They travel to Cheshire on Friday to compete in the National Pony Club Novice Championships . Dressage and Show Jumping on Saturday and Eventing on Sunday . 

Spooners Tetrathlon /Triathlon/Biathlon

A great day for the following competitors at the Spooners Event :
Charlotte Hicks - Novice Mixed Minis Tetrathlon- Individual 3rd - Best Shoot  (This was Charlottes first time competing in the riding part of a tet and Dazzle was a star !!! ) 
Freya Eldred - Mini Girls Triathlon - Individual 2nd - Best Shoot.
Niamh Eldred  - Junior Novice Girls Triathlon - Individual 2nd
Annelie - Biathlon - Best Run - Individual 1st
Lauren Taylor  - Junior Novice Girl Tetrathlon Best Swim and Run Individual 1st 


Area One Day Event

East Cornwall Qualify Again !!

A huge well done to the East Cornwall Team of Georgia O'Brien, Harriet Mitchell, Isabelle Joce and Emma Melhuish who, by winning the Novice section at the Area 16 Horse Trials, have  qualified for Eventing at the National Pony Club Championships. Emma and Georgia also won their individual sections.

East Cornwall Novice Teams  will now be represented in all three disciplines this year which is a wonderful achievement and bodes well for the future as they move up to Intermediate hopefully next year .  Hattie Congdon was also entered as an individual and had a successful day too  It was a long day and wonderful to see so many parents of East Cornwall members helping out to ensure the day ran smoothly despite some very heavy showers . Emma O'Brien provided a wonderful spread for all the judges which i'm sure was very much appreciated ! Thank you to Richard for building a course that certainly asked lots of questions and was very influential in the final scores . Thank too to Paul Dinnis who as always works tirelessly behind the scenes making sure it all runs like clockwork ! 



Dressage Success

Another fantastic day for the East Cornwall Novice Dressage Team who came 2nd and qualified for the National Pony Club Championships in August . The team of Georgia O'Brien , Harriet Mitchell , Alana Dalton and Amy Corbett all rode super tests to gain qualification . Georgia came 1st in her arena and Amy came 3rd in hers. The team also came 6th in the Tack and Turnout Competition . They should all be very proud of their achievement in what was a very competitive class . 
Abi Lucas on Ali G also won the Open Dressage Class and qualified for the Open Championships .

6 of our Junior Members at Area SJ

Novice Area Show Jumping

After all the rain we have had it wasn't a surprise for the East Cornwall Novice SJ team to find out that the Area Qualifier for National PC Championships was moved to Duchy College so that the event could run . There were 19 teams entered which meant that two teams from Area 16 could qualify for the event in August in Cheshire  . Sadly for a couple of other Pony Clubs in Devon the torrential rain prevented them even reaching the main roads due to flooding . 

Jo Retallack ( Team Trainer ) was on hand to walk the course and warm the ponies and riders up . The course 90cm-95cm  was certainly challenging and i overheard one lady say " whoever qualifies this year will most definitely have earnt their place " !!! Every filler was in the small arena so the bright and colourful course proved very influential ! Riders in the the novice team were Emma Melhuish on Nora , Harriet M on Juno , Hattie C on Elton and Alana Dalton on Paddy . After a long drawn out day we heard we were tied in 2nd Place with Western Hunt PC and all riders had to ride in the jump off for the coveted 2nd place !!! Unfortunately Paddy had gone home and was happily thinking his day was over when Fiona had to quickly change her plans and rush back for Alana to compete in the jump off on him . The Western were certainly very fast but ECPC proved that sometimes a slower clear round can be just as effective . With 3 clear rounds East Cornwall claimed the 2nd Spot and are on their way to Cheshire at the end of August .Well done to all the girls they all rode brilliantly  and a big thank you to Jo and Paul for being there supporting the team all day . 

Intermediate ShowJumping

Nicole Harding on her new Horse 'Simon' did extremely well as an individual and came 6th , well done Nicole , a great start with your lovely new horse . 

Junior Team Show Jumping

Congratulation to the East Cornwall Junior Teams who took part in the 2' shopw jumping competiton at Duchy College after the event was moved from Southpool due to the bad weather.  We entered 2 Junior teams made up of Ellie Pitman, Oliver Bassett, Poppy Pearn and Phoebe Frost in the East Cornwall Terriers and Max Frost, Mia Simpson, Amy Flannagan and Tilly Bassett in the East Cornwall Springers.  The competiton was tough - East Cornwall seemingly having the youngest and smallest comptitiors, but all members rode extereemly well meaning the Terriers came a very respectable 5th and the Springers came in just behind them with a well deserved 6th.  The Springers also came 6th in the tack and turnout - well done Mums!!!  Also well done the Ellie Pitman who got a double clear - only 10 in the whole Junior competition!Thanks to all of you who gave up your time to represent East Cornwall Pony Club.

Inter-Area Tetrathlon - Bicton 5/6th June 2012

Congratulations to Tess Masselink who came 3rd individually in the Junior Girls' Tetrathlon at Bicton on 5th/6th of June. This was a fantastic achievement as there were 52 girls in the class from all over the South and South West of England, Wales and the Midlands and the cross-country course was well up to height. She also had the best run in the class and was in the Area 16 Team who won the Inter-Area competition.

Harriet Mitchell did very well in the triathlon elements of the Intermediate but unfortunately Juno was lame so she was unable to complete the competition.

Prince Phillip Cup - Chyverton 3rd June 2012

Following many weeks of gruelling practice we attended the Prince Phillip Cup Competition at Chyverton Park on 3rd June, taking with us 2 Senior Teams and 1 Junior team. Following a very early start the senior children prepared themselves for the Tack and Turnout. All 9 senior teams were immaculately turned out - the first time I have ever seen all the children clean from head to foot, looking dazzling in their new white jumpers. The competition was fierce but all our hard work paid off when our Senior 2 team were placed 2nd. Well done to Oliver Bassett, Beth Pyzer, Zoe Congdon, Lizzie Ham and Kaya Scott for all your efforts - you looked amazing!

The games kicked off with Polo Bending, followed by Quoits & Cone, 2 Mug, Pyramid, Stepping Stone, Tack Shop, Tyre and finally Five Flag . All the children rode extremely well, some having to deal with difficult, overly excited ponies. The games were fast and furious, it didn’t seem as if we stood a chance. At the end of the Senior section the results were announced calling the Senior 2 Team in 4th and the Senior 1 Team in 6th. We were delighted and excited as it meant both teams had qualified for the Royal Cornwall Show on Friday, but unfortunately, due to a mix up, the results were re-worked, which meant the Senior 1 team were unplaced and our Senior 2 team were moved down to a very respectable 5th. At this point there were some very disappointed children (and parents), but it still doesn’t change the fact that each and every child rode exceptionally well and represented East Cornwall Pony Club brilliantly - we are proud of you all.

Very well done to all who competed: Senior 1 - Pheobe Ham, Hattie Congdon, Harriet Mitchell and Amy Benallick Senior 2: Oliver Bassett, Beth Pyzer, Zoe Congdon, Lizzie Ham and Kaya Scott. We will be saying goodbye to 5 of our senior members from the PPC team as they are now too old to compete, so we would like to say a massive thank you to all the children and their parents without whom this competition would not be possible.

The very successful morning was followed by the Junior Competition. Our team was made up of Tilly Bassett, Amy Flannigan, Ellie Garland, Poppy Pearn and Megan Darling. Again the Tack and Turnout was of a very high standard. Unfortunately we ran out of our numnahs as the Senior team had them, which bought our score down, so we were placed a well deserved 3rd - well done to all the children who helped their parents prepare the ponies!

The junior teams games were Bending, Two Mug, Tyre, Junior Bottle, Quoits & Cone, Stepping Stones and Four Flag. As there were only 3 Junior Teams entered, it was decided that they would run a practice relay, followed by the real race. I seem to remember we won nearly every practice heat but couldn’t keep it up for the main event. Again, the children rode amazingly well and the ponies were on their best behaviour and we were placed 2nd, which qualified the team for the Zone finals which are being held in Taunton. This is the first time the Junior East Cornwall Team have qualified, so an amazing achievement! A massive congratulation to all of you.

Finally I would like to thank Louise for training the team, Luke for helping out at sessions and training the juniors on Sunday before the event and of course all of the parents.

If you fancy having a go next year, please come along for the training which starts in March. All abilities are welcome as there is a place for everyone. The training sessions are great fun for both kids and adults. If you would like to know any more, please contact Louise Garland


1 Junior and 2 senior teams are competing this Sunday at Chyverton in the Prince Phillip Games , if you want to come and cheer them on then they would love to see and hear you !!! 10 am onwards 


To view the schedule click on the download below. The closing date for entries is Saturday 26 May. Classes from 70cm to 1 metre.

Volunteer helpers, especially cross-country fence judges urgently needed. If you or somebody you know can help, please phone Paul Dinnis on 07831 155290


Team Show Jumping Cancelled

The Team Show Jumping at Lyneham House has been CANCELLED

Date: Sunday 29th April 2012

Four Burrow One Day Event

Four Burrow Pony Club One Day Event 15 April

A fantastic set of results for East Cornwall at Chyverton and a huge well done to all of you that took part . The sun shone and you should all be very proud of yourselves and of course your pony or horse !! 

Class 1 

Kathryn Baker on Just Ebony 7th

Class 3 

Paul  Dinnis on Winosa 7th 

Fiona Dalton on Galaxy 10th 

Louise Garland on Brian 25th 

Class 4

Harriet Mitchell on Master Juno 1st with Best Dressage

Tess Masselink on Wallie 2nd 

Isabelle Joce on Toya Inspriration 10th 

Amy Bennallick on Bo 14th 

Class 5 

Georgia O'Brien on Charlie 1st with Best  Dressage         

Abi Lucas on Nice n Breezy 2nd 

Lauren  Nicholson on Lyndell Fabricator  5th

Class 7 

Nicole Harding on Holcombe Hector  3rd 

Emma Melhuish on Nora 5th 

Full results are available on the FourBurrow PC website 

Four Burrow Triathlon

Success for East Cornwall at the Four burrow triathlon on a beautiful sunny day !!!  

Harriet won the Junior Girls with best run and Shoot 

Charlotte Hicks came a brilliant 5th (8/9yrs) in her second competition ever with a Best Run too !! Well done Charlotte 

Niamh and Freya Eldred representing Tokenbury Riding Centre joined East Cornwall and came 4th as a team . Well Done 

The tetrathlon part is tomorrow (Sunday) Hopefully the others will be joining Harriet soon in riding part of the competition . 

Harriet won the junior girls class on Sunday at Chyverton with a great clear ride on Master Juno . Well done Harriet . 

Riding and Road Safety Test Success

Success at Riding and Road Safety

Riding and Road Safety Test Success

Well done to 

Emily,Harriet,Ellie,Ellie ,Mia,Zoe,Isabelle, Hattie,Liz and Chloe for passing their riding and road safety exam this month . Thank you to Di Rundle for all her guidance and tuition .

Riding and Road Safety Test Success

Riding and Road Safety Test Success


To help with your holiday planning, here are the dates of our two Summer Camps this year. Remember places at camp are limited and priority is given to those members who have regularly attended rallies (excluding fun rides) during the year.

Junior Camp 11-14 August   At Junior Camp this year we will be holding a special one-day non-residential camp for Junior Members too young to attend normal camp.

Intermediate Camp 15-18 August

Full details and booking forms will be posted here on the website in due course

Moorland Fun Ride CANCELLED

Moorland Fun Ride CANCELLED 
Due to weather forecast of high winds and heavy rain this event has had to be cancelled -
We are going to try and reschedule so please keep checking website and e-mails.

Super Pony 2011 - results



SUPER PONY 2011 - 24 September - RESULTS

Class 1 (age 10 and under)

1st. Phoebe Frost 2nd. Grace Benallick 3rd. Poppy Pearn 4th. Ellie Garland 5th. Tilly Bassett 6th. Meaghan Darling Special prize: Olivia Green

Class 2 (11-14 years)

1st Zoe Congdon 2nd. Louisa Fleming 3rd Kathryn Baker 4th. Amy Benallick 5th Tess Masselink 6th. Brooke Walklin



Super Pony 2011 has been postponed to Saturday 24 September 2011. The revised schedule can be found on the Events page of this website. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Ponies for sale

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