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This year’s camp held at Duchy College was a truly fantastic
experience for all. From the moment we started we saw happy children really
eager to learn new skills and build relationships with their ponies and each
other. We were exceptionally fortunate to have fantastic instructors who took
the reins and got the children going. Julie Cameron did a lot of fun sessions
from jumping to dressage (on and off ponies) to tack cleaning and quizzes
testing our knowledge on everything equine! Gail took her group again offering
a variety of different mounted and unmounted sessions from gridwork, jumping
through to filler jumping and all round rider balance and skill techniques.
Tamsin took the third group and she had them pushing boundaries jumping courses
(and going into corners properly), synchronised riding gridwork amongst many other

Firstly a big thank you to our super vet Dr. Kieran O’Brien
who came and spoke to us all about Managing your ponies in the hot weather‘. It
was highly informative and some top tips such as a zebra fly rug is good for
keeping flies off as they get confused! Also the importance of washing them
down when they are hot and scrap them off and then re wash. All the children
will remember these informative tips to help aid their ponies in this hot

Amongst the normal camp activities we tried a few new things
this year which worked really well. Firstly we had our fab DC Sarah Martin come
along and do some Prince Philip skills activities with all the children and
they loved it. Sarah mentioned how impressed she was with the juniors and can
see our future PPC team becoming really solid. Prince Philip really cements
your riding skills it brings in a wider variety of skills from balance, control
to wider thinking skills problem solving but all sealed with the fact it is so
much fun and the adrenalin runs through you. All the bigger ones commented on
how much fun they have had doing prince Philip and how it has built their
riding skills – so look out I think our juniors will be taking this on for next

We also had a lovely lady come and do some yoga, relaxation pilates
well lot of stretching and getting your body ready and fit. She taught us a
routine, the eagle, the tree and how to warm up and warm down correctly. These
skills are again fundamental to keep us all stretched and warmed up and ready
to ride – our resident physio Lucy Thomas would be very proud.

We then had a fab hair braiding session and we all then
showed off our colourful hair pieces. A big thank you to Ava’s Mum Janine for
coming along and donating the hair braids and spending hours putting them in.
Everyone loved them and even some of us bigger ones are sporting the colourful
hair pieces!

Friday morning saw an introduction into triathlons and tets
by Sonia and Kensa Bennalick who gave the children a taster of what’s involved.
We saw the children running around ISA practising the running which was fun.
There were lots of questions for Sonia and lots of interested juniors so we
hope to see that growing this year.

We also had a new angle this year with more seniors helping
out and I can only report they were amazing. They worked tirelessly and never
complained we were full on all through the day and they led the evening games.
At the outset I said to them how much we value and trust them all and they all
honoured their responsibilities and shone through – they now have many younger members
who will hang off them at every opportunity. We are exceptionally fortunate to
have such experienced and kind members willing to give up their time to give
back – which is what pony club is all about. You have inspired the juniors to
become good little all-round riders and horse lovers – thank you so much.

What we all witnessed at all times was working together as a
team. The children wholeheartedly supported each other and worked together to learn
and develop their riding skills. There were some small frustrating moments with
sat nav errors and thigs not always going to plan but they just all supported
each other through it until it all came together.

Parents I am sure you will agree after watching their final
day shows that each one has developed and enhanced their riding and overall
equine skills. All of the children thought and cared of their pony before
anything else which was a pleasure to observe. The care and attention given to
their ponies was second to none and we were all very impressed with their
stable management skills and willingness to learn.

This report could span pages as there was so much to gain
but I know your children would have fed this back to you. To conclude we should
all be very proud to be part of such a dynamic and forward thinking club who
offer so many opportunities to all members along with our children and ponies
who were impeccably behaved throughout. We are all very lucky. Below are a few
camp reports written by Faith Davey and Daisy Swain as I think it is imperative
to hear through the voices of the children too:

Camp this year was fantastic. I enjoyed every moment of it, I
particularly enjoyed doing all of the different activities in-between riding
and being with the horses. This year I think we had more to do so that was
great because we were always busy, I liked the way we had so many helpers
because you knew you would not get behind doing your stable or whatever you
were doing. I think we all had a fantastic time in the evenings doing all the
games that the older girls had organised for us. Our riding groups were amazing
and everyone was so supportive of each other . I really enjoyed the food and I
loved the way we could have as much as we liked !.

- Faith & Prince


This year
was amazing at camp we all had so much fun, my high light  off camp was when Ava picked up my saddle after
me cleaning it to Tilly to inspect it 
and said “it was very good “ . My second high light was jumping the grid
with no hands at the end of the grid was an 80 oxer me and Faith jumped it with
no hands , our instructors were Tamsin she had group 1  ,Gail she had group 2 and Julie she had group
3  they made fun ways of riding  and the helpers made fun ways off playing
games like duck duck goose  , they were
called  Isabell  , Tilly ,Flo, Beth, Megan , Milly  Sydney 
they made up all of the games for at night. On the last night we had a
water fight using the game drip drip drop. The ponies were amazing, and we all
bonded together really well.  I would
like  to say thank you to the instructors
for teaching us lots of things this year , the helpers for helping us tack up
when needed  , inspecting are tack after
cleaning  , helping us learn how to  plait and last but not least being there for
us when we needed you  thank you to
Clare molit for cooking us wonderful dinner and breakfast , Maggie wood for
helping Clare do the cooking,  sleeping
with us and pouring us drinks  , thank you
Kieran the vet for doing the talk about how to keep your pony safe in the
heat   thank you Debbie Avas nan for organising all
the bed rooms, yoga and hair braiding with Avas Mum, thank you Helen for doing
all the safe guarding, Sarah Martin for the prince Philip and Sonia for the
triathlon talks.  Thank so much  Duchy college for letting us
use the stables and the rooms  thank
you so so much Julie Swain letting us have 
fabulous camp and organising it all.
Thank you all so much and we
all appreciate everything have done  for
us and can I say a huge thank you to all off the children for trying there

By Daisy
Swain & Midnight Blue

Congratulations to this years prize winners:

Best Stable Management: Cody Smith

Most Improved: Martha Hooper:

Best Pony: Fudge, Leila Cunningham & Midnight Blue,
Daisy Swain

Three east Cornwall members competed in the excruciating heat, one in each section and  how well they did the results s are as follows:

Demelza Morris competed in the seniors with an excellent swim, good shoot and a really good run to finish in Fourth, 

Phoebe Frost competed in the Juniors and excelled again, with an excellent shoot fantastic run and swim gaining best in both and finishing first .

Now then our little Monty Wickham doing it for the beanies. Threw well, had an excellent run and best swim, to only finish in first place. Well done Monty. Your on the team! 

A great days eventing
was had today at St Leonards, for the Area 16 ODE qualifier, by kind permission
of Andy and Kathryn Reeve. The club put up 2 full 90 teams, although it was
touch and go for Abi Baker, having been ill for the proceeding 2 days! Team A
was made up of Abi and Evie Baker, Phoebe Frost and Issy Thomas. Team B was
represented by Macy Philips, Demelza Morris, Flo Wickham and Tegenn Greenaway.
As individuals representing the club in the 80cm we had Tamsyn Morris and
Millie Frost. Very high temperatures made for very difficult riding conditions
but thankfully organisers allowed for jackets to be removed for dressage and SJ
phases. Dressage arenas were set up on the adjacent Launceston rugby club
grounds, in addition to the menage at St Leonards. The cross country course was
creative and fences were well build and positioned to pose a few questions...
Jumping phases in particular were influential but determined riding was shown
by all.. Notable successes were Phoebe Frost- Individual 1st and qualified for
the championships at end of August. Issy Thomas Individual 5th. Team A pipped
to 2nd team place by 0.3 points! Narrowly missing qualification. Massive thanks
to Julia Basset, Julie and Daisy Swain for giving up their day to fence judge-
with out people like you these events couldn't happen. A very enjoyable day,
with great sportsmanship showing what a fantastic sport eventing is... Well
done all! 


Dates for Pontispool Camp 2018 are 20th- 23rd August 

Dates for Duchy Junior Camp 2018 are 1st - 3rd August


Show Jumping plus Grass Roots 24th June 18 @ Gwealavellen, Cambourne

ODE plus Grass Roots 8th July 18 @ St Leonards, Launceston

Dressage plus Grass Roots 15th July @ St Leonards, Launceston


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