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She did it again. PHOEBE FROST⭐️⭐️🏃🏻🏊‍♀️🏇🏿🏅

1st Triatlon

1st Tetrathlon 

Phoebe had a great shoot only her second go competitively  10 metres and she is back up in the 900, 

Phoebe"s run was amazing 

Swim fantastic nearly a PB 

After a very wet day, she turned out a second day to ride the xc, and in her usual style had a clear. Gaining 1st. 

Well done Phoebe. 


Not a brilliant shoot today, 

Run well ! She shocked us all, having a really good run , not usually Kensa's favourite. 

Kensa also had a good swim. And finished just outside a placing. 

Well done Kensa. 


He was amazing. 

Monty had an excellent bean bag throw scoring an amazing 860.

His run was phenomenal in a very fast time 2.10

And he swam very, very well 3.8 lengths 

Gaining a well deserved 2nd

Very well done Monty. 

These three did amazing in awful conditions.  I can say we were all well and truly drenched. 

Two east Cornwall members competed in this Triathlon 

Phoebe Frost who had a brilliant day now as Phoebe has surpassed herself in the Juniors and has competed in the champs she has bravely decided to go up to the seniors a little early, which in Tetrathlon is a big step. She only did the Tri this time, but had a very good shoot, now at 10 meters,  she had 2nd best run and swam an amazingly as usual,  Well done Phoebe, 

Also competed was one of our younger competitors who is very keen Monty Wickham he had another amazing day , He had a brilliant bean bag throw scoring 840, he ran like a rocket getting 3rd in his run, and finally managed over 3  lengths in the pool, Monty came 3rd in a huge class, A big well done to Monty.  

Monty is also learning to shoot with a pistol now in preparation to move up a class, this is going very well and leaves me in no doubt Monty will score good results in his shooting. 

If any members have siblings that would be interested in taking part in our Triatlons/Tetrathlons they can do so even if they are not actual members, they just pay their entry fees, For anyone interested please contact  Sonia Bennallic: 07753224998. Come and have some fun, very friendly and supportive sport, and training given. 

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